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Letter Of Claim BW Legal for Britannia Parking

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  • Letter Of Claim BW Legal for Britannia Parking


    Ive received 2 letter of claims for 2 different vehicles both registered at same address (diff owners) Letter of Claim states Date of contravention 09/02/16 Contravention: Failed to make a valid payment (for both) From memory, (that isn't that great since a lot of time has passed....) It possibly may have been a family meal at a restaurant that validates the parking, but I can't be 100% sure?
    Im a bit panicky as x2 claims means double the price!!

    Is anyone able to assist or point me in the right direction of where to go with this? I don't know where to start to be completely honest, Ive read through various posts, but just seem to be getting myself in a muddle! Ive attached a shot of one of the letters

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    So a SAR to the parking company asking for all the paperwork that they hold. If there are 2 different owners then how are they coming to you for both?

    Letter to BWL telling them to put the matter on hold while you await the response to the SAR request so that you have some idea what the matter is about.


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      Thank you! One owned by myself, other is husband. I'll get letter writing tonight!


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        Hi Ostell,
        I've received a reply from BW, I was hoping it would be a lovely "we've cancelled it all" one but sadly not.... see attached.
        I have not heard anything from Brittania as yet, so now I'm starting to worry as BW state they wont put this on hold?

        Click image for larger version

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          So what came back from the SAR request


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            I received a copy of my letters back this morning, along with a "compliments slip" saying "please provide the parking charge notices these relate to."
            I don't have copies of those, the alleged incidents was almost 3 years ago. I thought the point of an sar was to get information they have against my name?


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              So respond back pointing out that the point of a SAR is that they provide these to you and not the other way round. If they do not have these then what is the basis of their claim against you? Copy that letter to the solicitors.


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                I've just received a notice of claim from BW in the post today, and the court papers.
                I'm officially really worried, what do I do next?!
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                  So to the solicitor denying any responsibility for the alleged charges. Ask for any and all documentation that they intend to rely on in court and point out that their client has failed to respond to the SAR request and as they have no information then how can they have any documentation for a claim.

                  You can also report the breach of the SAR request tothe ICO.


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