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If you receive a Claim Form from the court you NEED to take action. Do NOT ignore court papers – even if you do not believe you owe the money or have never heard of the claimant.

If you received a court claim and want to start a new thread in our dedicated Court Claim forum please read THIS POST about your first steps and make a new thread in the forum using THIS FORM.

You must take certain steps within 14 days of receiving the form or the court may issue a ‘judgment by default’ which will appear on the register of judgments and on your credit file for six years. This will enable the claimant to bring enforcement action against you, such as sending a bailiff or obtaining a charge over your home.

So… is it a real claim ?

The claim form is sent to you by the court. Normally it arrives in a brown envelope and contains a response pack. It is normally blue but sometimes is printed on white paper. It will have a court stamp.

If you have any concerns over it’s validity then you can call the court ( listed under court address ) and give them the Claim Number to check. If the claim is from the County Court Business Centre in Northampton you can call them on 0300 123 1056 or 01604 619 400. Otherwise you can look up the court contact information here.

What do I do ?



If the claim has come from Northampton County Court Business Centre you can do this online usually at

You’ll need your claim reference and password from the front of the claim form – this will extend the time you have to respond to the claim to 28 days from when you received it. The defence date is 28 days from service (ie when you received the claim) or 33 days (which allows 5 days for service) from the issue date printed on the front of the claim form. You can work out the date using this Calculator.

It doesn’t mean you will have to attend court in Northampton, this is simply the central processing department for moneyclaims, and the case will be moved to your local court later on in the process.

If the claim has come from another court you will be able to respond on paper. There will be a ‘Response Pack’ included with your claim form which includes the form to Acknowledge the Claim.


Many claims will be for Consumer Credit Debt.   These are generally issued through the ‘County Court Business Centre’ and are rather lacking in detail and information.

They are often claims for debts purchased from the original creditor by debt collection agencies. Quite often the debts are a number of years old and may well have been forgotten by the Defendant.

Therefore we recommend you send some letters requesting more information to the Claimant.

2: Send a CCA REQUEST to the CLAIMANT (see here)

This applies to all credit cards / loans / hire purchase / store cards type debt. It doesn’t apply to Mobile Phones / Utilities or Overdrafts. For most Debt claims the Claimant must supply a copy of the agreement or they are unable to enforce the agreement through the court. This is a formal legal letter and the response may form a major part of your defence.

3: Send a CPR REQUEST to the CLAIMANT’S SOLICITORS (see here)

This applies to everything unless they happen to have supplied you with a bunch of paperwork to back up their claim. You can include a copy of your CCA request with this letter for information.If you are unsure of any of those steps then please make a new thread on the forum (you must be registered to do this)

NB: If you have sent off these letters do not just wait for replies, some times the claimant doesn’t respond – you must put in a Defence (or Admission) with 28 days of receiving the claim – please ask on the forum and people there will help guide you through the next steps.


Once those letters have been sent off you should make a new thread on the forum (you must be registered to do this) and make a post titled ‘claimants name v your username’, and include the following information in your post; alternatively you may use THIS FORM.

Received a claim? Yes/No:
Issue Date:
Have you Acknowledged the Claim?:
Total Amount Claimed:
Claimant’s Name:
Solicitors Firm:
Original Creditor:
Original Debt (eg. Credit card/Loan/Overdraft) :
Particulars of Claim: Please type out in full excluding names/account numbers:
Is the debt Statute Barred (have you had any contact with the creditor or claimant over the last 6 years?):
List any letters you have sent (eg: CCA/ CPR )
Any Other Information or Background Details:


Other users of the forum, many experienced in dealing with these kind of claims will then offer support and guidance through the rest of the process. Have a rant, ask questions, discuss tactics … whatever you like, we’re here for you.

Visit the Forum – County Court Claims

We provide a list of guides and examples of letters and documents that may help you.

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please post on the forum or contact us

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If you have received a County Court Claim from a creditor or debt purchaser, don’t panic ! LegalBeagles have many years of experience assisting consumers in dealing with these claims, so you are in the right place to work out what steps you should take before making a decision whether to defend the claim or negotiate a settlement.

If you are looking for formal advice you should get in touch with Citizens Advice or National Debtline.


Visit the Forum – County Court Claims

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We now feature a number of specialist consumer credit debt solicitors on our sister site, – If your case is over £10,000 or particularly complex it may be worth a chat with a solicitor, often they will be able to help on a fixed fee or CFA (no win, no fee) basis.