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Santander on credit file

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    did you make a formal complaint to satander at the time and any response?
    Last edited by MIKE770; 14th August 2018, 12:30:PM.


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        Santander UK plc


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          No I didnít sorry
          didnít know much about things at that time
          wish I did now though


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            Subject Access Request Letter send (No cost) Recorded Delivery to Satander this should throw up more information


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              Ok thanks
              will post ASAP
              let you know when I have a response


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                Originally posted by Woolfie842 View Post
                Ok thanks
                will post ASAP
                let you know when I have a response
                30 days you should have a response under new guidelines


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                  Okay Hi there Ö

                  So you had a Santander account which was £6 overdrawn ( as far as you are aware ) and a payment went through ( which was not authorised by you - continuous payment authority or Direct Debit etc ? ) which led to an unauthorised overdraft position.

                  You complained to the bank but they stuck to their guns and you left the account and moved to Barclays. ( did you cancel DD's/SO's at that point? or use a switching service?)

                  Santander just charged themselves fees on your account taking it to the £463 overdrawn which they have issued a default for.

                  So - first step - send a SAR to Santander as Mike suggested, then you can look at making a further complaint. You want full transaction lists from the relevant period, and the terms and conditions in force on your account at that time,

                  If you can tell us a bit more about this unauthorised payment too pls.
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                    Yes I cancelled all direct debits on that account

                    it it was for a direct debit which I cancelled few days before as was no longer needed
                    but still the money was issued
                    also was for my old address
                    I will send first thing tomorrow
                    thanks again


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