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Ballifs - after 8yrs, after CCJ ?

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  • Ballifs - after 8yrs, after CCJ ?

    Hi all,
    Been a while since i asked for help on here, hoping someone can shed some light for me.....

    Short story:
    Messed up years ago with a store card, a CCJ was placed against me in November 2011 for 266* (original debt would have been 100 on a store card).
    As i had moved out of the address where the CCJ was issued, i was un-aware of a CCJ until i did a credit report in 2015.....

    The CCJ dissappeared from my record in Nov 2017...

    Today, i took a phonecall on my works direct dial number (not advertised anywhere, although, HMRC/Gov websites have my direct dial number to do with my gateway profile)* from a lady saying she is from weston super-mare county court...
    She said a firm called Drydens had purchased a debt from santander, and (cant recall what she activily said) that the debt firm was applying for the CCJ to be re-instated, or was applying to use court ballifs to collect the CCJ value for 266 pounds.....

    I thought the debt would be statue barred after 6 years, but she said CCJ's are enforceable, anytime...* I believe the lady might have been calling from the "Warrant of Control" team ? (from the telephone number, google search....)

    Any ideas how this works ?*
    Is it right that, if no attempt has been made to chase the CCJ debt in 8 years, a debt firm can buy the debt (for 1 for instance), then apply to the courts to appoint a ballif to recover the debt by knocking on my door ?
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    IT is correct that once awarded then a CCJ can never be Statute Barred. It does fall off your Credit File 6 years after it is granted. As for enforcement then if they have never enforced the debt in the 6 years then they do need to go back to Court in order to ask for permission to do so. Barring a few cases then this is very rarely granted.

    First of all Drydens would have to apply to change the CCJ from Santander to themselves then apply to enforce it. I think someone is trying to coerce you into agreeing to pay and is probably from Drydens. If an application had of been made then you would have received a Notice of Enforcement from the County Court Bailiff asking you to pay/make contact.


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      I was reading this just now:* *https://legalbeagles.info/forums/for...ant-of-control

      Sounds familiar to me!
      Pretty sure the lady on the phone mentioned arrow global, santander and drydens....................
      However, the lady was calling me from the county court in Weston super-mare, basically asking me to call Drydens solicitors with regards to the 266 debt.....* *
      i am jus curious on the whole thing of, if they can apply for a warrant of control 8years later,* if drydens say to the court "we bought this debt recently, debtor has made no contact in over 9 years, can we get a court order to get some cash out of him"* *, i guess if the clerk was bored that day, they could just grant it ?* *anyway of defending myself ?* (probably nothing will come of this, just got me spooked it was the court calling me / telephone num confirms..... along with her telling me!)


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        I'm sorry but this is the first I have ever heard of "someone" ringing from the Court. Did you get their name? More likely someone spoofing the phone number making it look like this.


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          Hiya,** Didnt ask for a name, or recall if she said it..* The call came direct to my works landline direct number, which is not public..** The only place that has this direct number, is HMRC , and .Gov websites.....
          The number i received the call from was:** 01934528540** , which is listed as the warrant control team for weston....

          Spoofing i can understand, but risky for a debt firm to spoof a Voip number as a courthouse!

          Probably nothing for me to worry about anyway, as said, most is curiosity for me.....** and getting confused with different articiles on what a creditor can/cant do....* and what a creditor can do, using an enforcement officer, but only when a certain value is imposed (was reading the EX322 form).....


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