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  • Primark

    Hi new to here I have just received a letter for £165 from rlp and I am confused do I pay it as I donít want my family finding out and people coming to my door*
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    Not really confusing!
    If you pay it, no one will call
    If you don't pay it, no one will call

    Whether your family will find out depends on whether or not other members of your family read your mail.

    RLP should not inform anyone of their dealings with you, and they are not known to make house calls.

    If all operates as normal you will receive 4 or 5 threatening letters (which can be ignored) from RLP and then they cease bothering you!


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      Thank you for that will I be taken to court at all. *My family don t read my mail at all. *I really am petrified*


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        Thank you I appreciate that , will I be taken to court and my family do t read my letters at all*


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          Originally posted by Mrs muck View Post
          Thank you I appreciate that , will I be taken to court and my family do t read my letters at all
          You haven't given much detail, but assuming the incident involved low value items and the police were not called there will be no magistrates court action .

          RLP cannot initiate civil court action. Only the retailer could do that, but as they have lost nothing (goods recovered in saleable condition) and incurred no extra costs as security personnel were doing the job they are paid for, there is nothing for them to claim.

          Many years ago RLP recommended a client take court action to recover their "losses".
          They lost heavily and have never dared try again.
          No reason for them to start now!


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            Thank you no police were called and good recovered .. so there will be no repocusion if I dont pay it*


            • #7
              Thank you no police involved and goods recovered*


              • #8
                you have nothing to worry about


                • #9
                  I have received another letter from rlp what dose it mean
                  dose it mean are they gonna arrest me*


                  • #10
                    Can't read that letter, but anyway no one is going to arrest you!
                    This will be the second letter in the series, and if you want you can read them all here:*https://legalbeagles.info/forums/for...rs-rlp-and-dwf


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                      So what will happen now then*


                      • #12
                        Nothing else happens except they will eventually send you the third letter in their series


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                          Thank you*


                          • #14
                            I have now received the third letter saying this



                            • #15
                              Whatís gonna happen my nerves are in tatters*


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