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New Trades Career

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  • New Trades Career

    Hi everyone!
    Just registered myself in hope to find solutions or useful advices about my case. I have read a few posts about New Trades Career , Green 360 limited and Caledonian finance. I am in the same situation , stucked into a contract. I have signed up for the electrician course in january this year . I am still paying 180 a month so Thats 10 payments in a row now. Since january my career took a 180degrees turn, I have to focus on my work, improve a lot otherwise I might end up loosing my job (I am working in Cnc machining, so Thats totally different from a domestical Electrician) . I Never even had the time to start my studies. No tutor marked assingments submitted , a have not used any of their service at all. I am not claiming for a refund, I already payed more than enough to cover their expenses and they still not willing to let me go. My only difference is that I have a whitness. My other half whitnessed all the procedure of the interview and she can confirm all I have been told by the ,,salesmaníí. I have already contacted a solicitor whot suggested me to stop payments because the worst thing could happen is that they take me to court , but it is not really worth them. Well... thatís Sounds a bit weird from a professional and I am not sure if I should take the advice.

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    They might report it on your credit file if you cease making payments, although generally they don't report to credit reference agencies it is a risk.
    They may try to take you to court for the remainder of the 'debt' - you can defend the claim however if you failed you would have a CCJ against you which would show on your credit file for the next 6 years.

    You have tried to cancel with them in writing already I assume ? What was their reply ?

    What do you feel you were told by the salesrep that was misleading ? ( ie why would you need a witness )

    Any support I provide is offered without liability, if you are unsure please seek professional legal guidance.

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      Anyone still fighting this? I am actively in this now. Any advice would be great.


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        If anyone know how to cancel this contract please let us know Iím stuck paying money for nothing aswell


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            New Trades career and Tradestech are owned by Green 360 Ltd. The current and only director is: IAN MORRIS, 6TH FLOOR, CITY GREAT EAST, TOLLHOUSE HILL, NOTTINGHAM, NG1 5FS


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              Anybody been successful with this as of yet? Any advice would be hugely appreciated!


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                Hi all, I'm joining this thread to see what luck others are having, as I am in a similar position.

                Long story short I paid off almost my entire course despite not actually starting it. When I signed up for it I was in financially better shape, I had lodgers covering most of my bills and had just started a job with the promise of flexible hours. First of all the work situation turned out to be very exhausting and totally inflexible for the first six months probation period. So I called up to try and cancel the course as I felt I'd be unable to do it properly. They told me I wasn't allowed to as the two-week cooling off period had long passed. So against my better judgement I decided to keep paying and hope that I'd find a way to fit it in round my work hours after the probation period at work ended. Then as luck would have it at the very end of my six month probation period I fractured my coccyx, because I was agency staff they just replaced me. So now I'm unemployed. I called again and told them I wanted to cancel, but they still refused. They said they might be able to make some kind of break in the payments if I provided them with copies of my bank statement etc to prove financial hardship, but I STILL wasn't allowed to cancel. So I still kept making the payments despite it being a real stretch on the household budget (and not just my personal finances any more).
                Then all of a sudden the pandemic comes along, I also then broke my leg causing me to be incapacitated and unable to work. Also unable to deal with Tradestech harassing me by phone for the late payments over the Christmas period after I've already explained my situation to them over an over again, I just let the matter slide for a couple of months. I now have some some random debt collector 'ARC Europe' chasing me for the remaining £360 on an entire course I have not done and now cannot even start in the future. I feel like their refusal to let you cancel out of the agreement at any point if you've not started the course is incredibly unfair. I tried to cancel at least twice, fully accepting that it would mean losing the payments I'd already made. They've now had well over £2000 out of me for nothing other than a cheap plastic document case with a CD-rom and a few introductory pamphlets inside and now I'm in financial trouble with negative credit scores, threatening mail and unsolicited phone calls to deal with. I very much doubt I'll ever see my money back but I would dearly love for this all to go away somehow without me having to spend any more money that, at this point in time, I simply do not have.


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                  Apologies for my poor formatting above!

                  Another question has occurred to me: does anyone know of anybody who has actually seen one of these courses right the way through to completion? Sure, their websites have one or two testimonials, but one can merely speculate as to their veracity.
                  From my readings online, there are complaints going back at least as far as 2015 about the practises of this 'tandem' finance company and training college operation.The same modus operandi - hustle people into signing up quickly, fudge the means testing paperwork, then continue to take money from the 'students' whilst refusing to release them from their contract regardless of circumstances.

                  I've yet to see anyone mention actually finishing the course and being awarded any qualification, anywhere. But I have seen plenty of people complaining about getting part way into the course and then not getting any further course materials sent, complete lack of communications from staff/tutors.Plenty more complaining about unavailability of practical sessions, and more still about the aggressive doorstep sales technique, massaged figures and downplaying down the apparent impossibility to terminate the contract for anything other than 'physical' reasons stopping one from completing the course. Even if you've not even started it and are no longer able to, offer to post them back their little document case and booklets, they're simply not interested in bending on this.

                  Put it this way - is the 'course' basically designed to be unfinishable? To be so annoying that eventually people want to quit, only to find they can't get out of the contract, then when they do, pass it over to the 'loan provider' to tighten the screw. Until I can see some convincing anecdotes from people who've completed an entire course lasting several years, I'm inclined to think the whole thing just a type of 'long con'


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                    Another thing that make me think these guys are straight up scammers is the fact the only website on the internet to say anything nice about them, doesn't have any info on any other company whatsoever. Big red flag, guys! Glowing reviews at https://www.trust-reviews.org/new-tr...areer-reviews/ Them and only them. trust-reviews.org has no reviews of anyone else, and is clearly a fake website!


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                      I am currently on the phone to the bank after being on the phone to Carnegie.. the only way I got their phone number was form a different company in Glasgow called Carnegie.. I need help getting out of this if anyone has any suggestions!?!!


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                        Originally posted by Joh car
                        I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION..




                        im stuck on a plumbing course with them and they guy who came to my house didnít tell me it was a loan and made me rush through the paper work, basically in a nutshell.

                        I have 3 active cases at the moment, they need more reports of these people.

                        they also change their name to avoid detection.

                        DO YOUR RESEARCH
                        HI please tell more i am in confused but signed in with them


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                          Hi, My boyfriend singed up to a plumbing course in Jan 2020 and he is in exactly the same boat. He completed 3 of the books and then got stuck so asked for help from his tutor (Ranj - who also turned out to be the sales guy who came to the house) in July 2020 and hasn't had response still to this day... He didn't know it was a loan and its not showing on his credit score either. We have reported this to citizens advice and trading standards and are looking into raising a small courts claim on the grounds the they have not upheld their side of the agreement. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO REPORT THESE PEOPLE!!. he has paid £2400 + £60 registration fee up until now and the total cost is £7800. It's defo a scam..


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                            Hello everyone I signed with the new trades career and know I started to have doubts, just wanted to ask if someone reach the practical. Cause they send me this health and safety test after 3 months of passing assessments, as a "pre_workshop test" and I'm trying to pass this test and everytime it's saying that I failed even though I'm sure I'm doing great on the test, and between attempts you need to wait 7 days, today was my second attempt, I contacted them by email cause the phone wasn't working, they said it's a computer generated test and we can't help you.


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                              Hi Iím a 21 year old who is pretty much in the same situation you were in with New Trades Career. Iím 10 months into paying £180 and havenít even seem to have progressed much over the time Iíve done it, has anyone found out a way to get out of this contract.


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