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    Hi, I would like some advice please
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    Regarding accusation of shoplifting from M&S, I am so upset and distressed.


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      So tell what happened and what M&S allege happened


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        Hi Ostell,
        Now when I reflect back, which I have not stopped doing for the past 24hrs since the incident, I am becoming more and more distressed.

        i picked up an eye serum for a gift, then proceeded to pick some lingerie, next slippers I nearly dropped the serum so just put the box in the slipper with no intention to conceal. I then picked up some daffy and went to the self service. Put everything through and took the box from the slippers and scanned paid with by gift card.
        I checked my till receipt and saw total of £67.18, this sounded about right. I then proceeded to buy a magazine by the door as I thought I would have a nice read when I returned home.
        Paid walked away from the till as I was placing the magazine in my bag I could hear a security guard saying “ yes she just bought a magazine, so she’s paid for the lingerie, slippers and doffs, but not the beauty” I turned around and asked him if he was talking about me? He advised me he was and I had not paid for the beauty item, did I have it. I said I did and reached into the bag and showed him. At this point he asked me to follow him to a horrible dingy back room, where I was introduced to store manager and female staff member. I produced the receipt and it showed that Zi had not paid for the beauty item and in fact the 67.18 was the gift card balance not the amount for the goods I had purchased, a mistake by myself. He then consistently accused me of stealing, concealment. I pleaded my case advised him I had not purposely done this. I asked if I could call my husband and he denied this saying I would just go outside and complain. They were pushing me to admit to a crimeand threatening me with the police stated they had followed my around the shop with CCTV. He said it would be easier just to admit it , which I wouldn’t as purposeful intent. Gosh I was walking around with a bright red jacket, limping due to a torn ligament so pretty conspicuous really.
        to conclude suddenly he said right Im issuing you with a lifetime ban, took all of my personal details, gave me the lifetime ban. Escorted me to the door. This as a committed m ans s customer, having spent thousands of pounds over the years. I am very concerned what to expect next.
        thank you.


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          It's a fact of life that when shoplifters get caught stealing they nearly always say they didn't mean it, didn't know they had it, forgot they had it, are willing to pay for it etc so you can't really blame them for not taking action.

          Look at it from their point of view: you took their property without paying for it, so they have every right to ban you regardless of how much money you have spent in the past. Fortunately for you this is all they did as I assume from your post that the police were not called so it's unlikely it will go further.

          You may try and appeal to get your ban lifted with head office but this does not often succeed in my experience.


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            Yes from their point of view this is corrrect.


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              Hi and Welcome

              It might be of some consolation to know you are not alone in being falsely accused of shoplifting in M&S.
              To make a mistake and overlook an item is not theft.
              M&S security seem ready to over react and come over all heavy handed
              Did they mention anything about civil recovery?

              The Lady in this thread (slightly different situation) has refused to accept their actions and fought back https://legalbeagles.info/forums/for...lifting-in-m-s
              Give it a read and take comfort.
              Another thread: https://legalbeagles.info/forums/for...ly-appreciated


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                They gave me the lifetime ban, would not accept explanation and would not allow me to call my husband. Now when I think back, why wouldn’t he let me sell my husband who was waiting outside. He said it was nothing to do with but between me and marks? . Thanks


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                  Originally posted by Vera1 View Post
                  They gave me the lifetime ban, would not accept explanation and would not allow me to call my husband. Now when I think back, why wouldn’t he let me sell my husband who was waiting outside. He said it was nothing to do with but between me and marks? . Thanks
                  There may be a number of reasons why they didn't want your husband involved, the obvious ones being it has nothing to do with him (I assume that you are an adult and that he does not have caring responsibilities towards you) and - please don't take this the wrong way - often store detectives have to deal with obnoxious, argumentative, and even violent people so why risk adding another person in to the dynamic that serves them no purpose?


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                    Thanks Nibber, I am just so worried about someone calling to the door.


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                      The store seems to have dealt with this "in house" and not involved the police, so if they haven't knocked by now I doubt very much that they will, so try putting it behind you and moving on


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                        No one is going to call.

                        You don't mention anything about civil recovery, but it is quite likely you will receive a demand for extortionate a,mount of money from a third party (probably a firm called DWF)
                        Although scary and written in legalese these letters may be ignored


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                          Locally known as Marks & Sharks! in many a town


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                            Thanks everyone for your replies. What exactly do Marks do with CCTV images when given a lifetime ban and accusations of shoplifting? Thanks


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                              goodness knows, but they aren't put on social media.


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