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Dubious Insurance Company.

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  • #31
    Well that is what I am pointing out in my letter back to them

    When I spoke to the person at the card company, she told me I needed to answer in writing. So that is my response.I just wanted to run it by here for perusal.


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      Well I would me more forceful.

      Dear Sirs,
      Following our recent correspondence I would advise that I am not satisfied with the way in which my request for a chargeback of £512.00 has been handled.

      pexinsure are entitled to no money at all, and I anticipate you will credit my account with the full amount of £512.00
      Due to their inaction no insurance policy was effected, hence there was no cancellation
      Further I was not supplied with a copy of their terms and conditions until after the event and hence do not feel bound by them
      They took the money before they completed their "validation" process, and then they cancelled.

      I anticipate you will be crediting my account with the full £512.00 following my claim under sec 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.
      Any failure and i will be initiating a complaint to the FOS.

      Yrs etc


      • #33
        I do rather like your wording but the card company did put the full £512 in dispute and pexinsure then refunded the £387 on 28th August according to my statement and which was stated in the card company's last letter.
        So at the moment with the £512 still not gone to them, and their refund of £387 I am actually technically up although clearly that will not remain the case as I expect the card company to pay pexinsure back only the £387.
        This will also make an even bigger mockery of the Debt collection company's demands surely.


        • #34
          Forget about the debt collectors, they are a side issue.

          The concern is that you paid £512 and you want it back.
          Don't get bogged down in the accounting side of £387 here and £125 there
          That is their problem, not yours


          • #35
            Definitely. One thing at a time. Get my full refund and deal with the issues arising afterwards.

            Just want to have my ducks in a row in case I needs them.


            • #36
              Originally posted by HeinrichJ View Post
              It turns out they are a broker.
              Nova Direct aka Pexinsure.
              Would I be correct in believing that they have no legal right to claim a cancellation fee?
              Based in Ireland


              • #37
                But offices of agents in London like Bank of Ireland I operate in UK


                • #38
                  Reply letter to card company sent so now wait and see.

                  Interestingly the reviews for the parent company are even worse. It seems they habitually take money and then not supply what has been paid for.


                  • #39
                    And so quiet until I received this letter yesterday.
                    Letter from Canford with Redactions.pdf

                    I presume from this that the Card company has found in my favour although I am yet to hear back form them. I am looking to update them with this though.

                    So what should I do next. Is ot the FOS or is there another body like Ofcom for companies like this?


                    • #40
                      One lesson I have learnt from all of this, only take out insurance from established company's, it seams its not worth the grief to save a small amount of money. May I wish you luck with these brokers.


                      • #41
                        Quite so. When I looked to take out the insurance I was not aware these were any worse than anyone else. Came up in confused.com so naturally thought they were ethical. Events have since proved otherwise. Still, I cannot fathom how any company is able to use these sort of practices and seemingly get away with it. There must surely be a body they can be reported to.


                        • #42
                          I find it is a policy to first check on. !! Feedback !! (to late in this case) or look on Trustpilot ,there is always a trail that leads back.


                          • #43
                            Your next move is to see exactly what the CC have for you, and confirmation it cannot be subject to a grab back by Pexinsure


                            • #44
                              Spoke to the card company yesterday and they have received my latest reply and documentation. Looks like they are going with my suggestion of repaying the £387 leaving things equal.
                              I also noticed there is an option to call a number on the last letter I received if there is a dispute. I think this might be worth doing as I suspect pexinsure will not have been honest with them either.


                              • #45
                                Do not phone them
                                If you want to make contact do it in writing.... always keep a paper trial.

                                I would dare them to proceed to court after they issue a compliant preaction protocol letter, as if they claim £512 I would dispute it and counterclaim £125.

                                IMO they still owe you £125, but whether or not it is worth the stress of a court claim is for you to decide


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