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Allay Claims and CRS

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  • Allay Claims and CRS

    In 2019 i made successful claim against Black Horse finance for mis-selling of PPI, I instigated the complaint myself, via an online form , following advice from the FCA , directly to Black Horse Finance, all communications regarding the matter where between myself and Black horse finance.

    The matter was settled between myself and Black Horse Finance on 20 / 09 / 19.

    On the approximate date of 10 / 04 /2021.......18 months.......... after the matter was settled between myself and Black Horse Finance, I began to receive numerous text messages, phonecalls , emails and letters from ALLAY Claims stating " Congratulations, Your Claim was successful, please see attached invoice for 1500 ". Initially I ignored the various communications as I believed it to be a scam. The letters emails and phonecalls continued which changed in nature stating that my invoice was " overdue ".

    I decided to contact Allay claims by phone. I told Allay claims that i did not ask them to look into this matter, i did not authourise them to, they did not play any part in my successful claim of mis-sold PPI against Black Horse Finance and that I would contact Black Horse Finance regarding the matter.

    Black Horse Finance advised that I would have to make a DSAR for all the information relating to the matter. I also made a DSAR request to ALLAY Claims. However Allay Claims replied only by email with attached , 2 X Word Documents and a PDF stating it is an ELOA with a signature that is not my signature, dated 26/06/19 .

    I made a DSAR request to Black Horse Finance who have complied in good time with paper copies of all information relating to me and the timeline of my complaint for mis-sold PPI. They have also provided copies of finance agreements and actual documents that I have signed dating back to 2007, my signature has not changed significantly from 2007 to this present day.

    Black Horse have included screen prints from their system which i have attached to this email. The screen print outs are not very clear, but are legible. I will provide paper copies if required.

    The relevant points from the Black Horse Finance computer system screen shots are as follows.

    14 / 06 / 19. Black horse finance receive a complaint from myself via an online complaint form, relating to what I believed to be mis-sold PPI. Their computer system records this as follows,

    CASE DRIVER; Customer
    TOUCH LEVEL; Online Complaint form

    20/ 09/19
    Complaint upheld, letter sent offering a full refund.

    I accepted Black Horse Finance decision they sent a cheque in the post to me and the matter was closed.

    08/ 10/19 ( approximately 3 weeks after the matter between myself and Black Horse Finance was settled ) ALLAY Claims submit a complaint form to Black Horse Finance , however , Black Horse Finance note on their system that the complaint form does NOT have an LOA with it.

    The first time that Black Horse Finance has any contact from ALLAY Claims is on 08/10/19........ after the the matter has been settled between myself and Black Horse Finance.

    I made a formal complaint to Allay stating the above information. Allay replied by email with a very comprehensive reply, quoting lots of sections from their terms and conditions and stated that this would be their final response on the matter and if i am not satisfied to contact the FCA. I will provide the " final response email if required )

    I have not yet contacted the FCA, ( I would like your advice before i do this.)

    24 hours after ALLAY sent their " Final response " i began to receive ponecalls and text messages from a company called CRS stating they aere acting on behalf of Allay Claims to recover and outstanding "debt" of 1500 . 00.

    I have not responded in any way to CRS. Allay have continued to send the " congratulations " emails and texts.

    I thought i could deal with this matter myself but I really do need some guidance.

    Thanks in advance. Neil

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    The FCA won't help but you should absolutely take your complaint to the Claims Management Ombudsman.

    If you can demonstrate that you actually made the claim yourself and it was prior to Allay's alleged involvement then I think you've got a fair chance of having the complaint upheld.

    They won't consider the signature issue as they always say it would be the role of a court to rule on whether it's genuine or not - that's why they (wrongly in my view) reject most complaints against Allay.

    I recently wrote to them outlining our concerns - attached below but with supporting documents removed. There might be some additional points in there that you could use.

    Attached Files

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      Thanks will do. I'll let you know how I get on.


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        Have you had any progress on this yet Neiljh?
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          I'm waiting on a response from the CMO. I'll update as soon as i hear anything.


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            Interesting development today. I received a text message from AJJB Law stating a letter before claim has been issued. Almost immediately i received an email from ALLAY stating the following.
            Dear Neil,

            This email is for information purposes only.

            On the 26/02/2021 any fee you owed to Allay Claims Ltd. was assigned to Allay (UK) Ltd. as per section 13 of our Terms of Engagement.

            On 31/03/2021 your agreement with Allay Claims Ltd. was terminated.

            No action from you is required.

            Kind regards,

            Allay Claims Ltd.

            Note the name change from Allay Claims Ltd to Allay (uk) Ltd. It looks to me like some attempt to avoid any decision by the CMO. I will now submit a complaint to Allay ( uk ) Ltd and another complaint to the CMO regarding the matter !

            Very suspicious behavior. Can anyone shed any light on what they are up to ?

            Thanks. Neil


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              You really need to stick to one thread, you've got a response on the other thread, not a great idea to get Admin diving around, unless it's football, cricket etc.


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                sorry !


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                  Originally posted by Neiljh1 View Post
                  sorry !
                  No probs.


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                    Hi Neil

                    Thanks for emailing the LBA. I don't think the assignment issue is particularly relevant as it provides the same info on their website.

                    I'm not sure if you've referred the complaint to the Claims Management Ombudsman yet (please let me know) but you'd stand a better chance of winning in court than you would with the Ombudsman in my opinion. The Ombudsman rejects most complaints against Allay because for some reason they don't take distance selling regulations into account and courts do.

                    One of our member's won a case against Allay last year Allay LOSE in Court - LegalBeagles Forum

                    Since that case I don't know of anyone else that Allay have taken to court so it may be a case of once bitten twice shy.

                    So I would tick box D indicating that you dispute the debt. Before you fill in the reasons why, can you send me the reply you got from Allay to your complaint (the one you said it was comprehensive) please?

                    Also in the box D field it says to ''Now go to section 4'', but you haven't sent me that. Do you have it?

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                    I keep it with your letter
                    Done up in blueprint blue
                    It sure looks good on you
                    And when you smile for the camera
                    I know I'll love you better

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                    It's your favorite foreign movie


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