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Amigo Loan - Affordability complaint

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  • Amigo Loan - Affordability complaint

    I recently put in an affordability complaint to Amigo. Fortunately it was dealt within the 8 week timescale but was rejected. I have now passed it to the FOS but I am wondering if itís possible to try and negotiate with Amigo? Has anyone had any experience of this? In an ideal world I just want then crippling interest stopped that is it
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    Hi... my daughter complained on the loans she had and Amigo they have agreed they were not affordable and have offered a re-dress which is still to come through. You did the right thing in going to the FOS, they are very good, sort of fine tooth comb and will fully investigate your complaint


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      Amigo are knocking them back now, as a delaying tactic. They were previously upholding a lot and still lending in the same way but now realise theyíre in trouble. Thanks to the return of their leader!!

      FOS are upholding the majority though so itís the best route.

      amigo will be gone soon I reckon so get in there before itís pence in the pound under a redress scheme!!


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        Hi I am currently awaiting a decision from amigo about my loans. They have 8 days left to respond!
        can anyone tell me if they agree to pay compensation who gets this? Will it be myself or also my mum who was guarantor. She had to pay some of the payments as I just couldnít afford them at the time.
        just didnít understand if they split the compensation or if she would need to claim her side back separate?

        any help much appreciated


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          Hi Austin, if youíre lucky to get a redress it will go to the guarantor and then you will need to decide between yourselves who gets what from that.
          Ive just this week been allocated an advisor from the FOS for another of my affordability claims, my Amigo claim is still waiting.
          itís a waiting game unfortunately, the FOS are overrun with complaints


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