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refusal to increase dd

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  • refusal to increase dd

    Sometime ago Elderbridge increased my payment refused to increase DD unless I filled in expediture income .. knowing their form refused agreed to dd .. emailed them called them .. saying ok increase dd as they normally would if change in payment ..increase they refused on basis I have FOS complaint ... Fos gave me a number not main Elderbridge number to call to get dd increased .. so because I have FOS case Elderbridge playing hardball trying to go in for kill . Charginging interest etc for non complete payments How is this legal how are FOS ignoring this .. I work long shifts guess what number closed .. what is going on?? WHY NOT ALLOWING ME TO PAY
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    Hiya Redstar

    There will be an answer for you soon, but whilst we are waiting I will need to ask for some more information.

    1: What is the DD for? A loan? A credit card? A car finance?

    2: What is the FOS complaint for?

    3: How much should you be paying, and how much interest are you paying for non complete payments?

    4:How long has this been going on?

    5: Do the FOS know about the interest being charged?

    6: Have you raised a formal complaint with Elderbridge regarding the DD situation?

    I know it seems a lot of questions and no answers, but we need this to be able to help



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      Hi Thank you for response its a complicated case took GE money secured loan was made redubdant ge told me to miss 3 payments before payment plan then without notice started eviction . Paid immediately then was told all clear then charged further etc statments said zeor arears .. then charged sold to elderbridge raised fos elderbridge raised dd resued ti implemant it due to fso complaint .. yet will no doubt say late payment etc raised complaint they ignored saying fso dealing fso say not part of complaint I can pay they are pubishing me for fos complaint and fos are not listening that increase being denied xase habdler gave me a number to ring on lunch .. seriously did ring it doesnt answer .. essentially I agree to uncrease in dd company refuses to increase dd with no rational other than have fos complaint re their behaviour


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        Tagging jaguarsuk Amethyst Diana M des8

        Any chance of having a look at this guys?
        Those who don't believe in Magic will never find it! - Roald Dahl

        Tears are not a sign of weakness they are a sign of having been too strong too long! - Unknown

        You are not disabled by your disability but made able by your abilities. - Oscar Pistorius


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          I'm sorry , but this sort of thing is not within my gambit.
          However if they won't increase your direct debit why not pay them by cash sent recorded & insured delivery.?
          I understand "legal tender" cannot be refused in settlement of a debt.
          Don't know what others might think of it as a way forward but it might give Elderbridge a headache

          Others will probably have other more sensible ideas for sorting out your problem which has been posted over a number of threads, .


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            Firstly giving you a number to ring on your lunch, if your lunch is 12;30-1;30 for example then the chances are that you're ringing when the handler is on their lunch too. If possible try taking an earlier lunch (11-12) and ringing earlier.

            It might be the case that the increased amount you are offering is not acceptable to them as opposed to punishing you for making a complaint.

            Perhaps you need instead of trying to call Eldridge use email and/or letters to communicate. Ask them why they are refusing the increased offer you have made?

            As I understand it GE sold their loan to Eldridge?

            As such you are only bound by the terms you agreed with GE and I would advise taking a look at the original mortgage agreement and terms to determine what the charges, penalties and interests should be.

            I suspect if you are making payments less than the agreed monthly repayment that in the original terms there will be charges levied for that and I'd imagine that the interest levied increases as well.

            In the first instance did you make a compliant to Eldridge themselves? If you did, removing any personal information please post a copy of their final response letter.

            You haven't explained why you complained to the FOS? And if you complained to Eldridge first did you wait the 8 weeks to escalate the complaint to the FOS?

            My posts on this forum are offered based on my experience dealing with a variety of life events. I have no formal legal training and if in doubt take professional legal advice or contact the CAB. If you follow anything I write on this forum you do so at your own risk and I accept no liability for any loss, costs or other outcomes.

            I do not come on here in the evening, at weekends or on public holidays.


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              I had a complaint with fos as Ge who I had secured loan with told me to miss 3 payments and then they would look at payment plan did so ..without warning got evication notice paid immediately told all square ..still charged told again no further charges and actually told to kill myself we are taking your home by GE adviser .. paid further charges that werent on statments and verbally told in clear loan sold to elderbridge was originally secured loan from ocean .. they increased dd auto done then notified me again of rate raise but when I had fos case had to ring special number as refused their income expediture form .. I didnt ask for reduced payment I agreed to increase they want my income info they are not entitled to that Uve agreed to payment ..for carte blanche hikes like first plus .. they are still showing zero arears yet charging when fos rapped them already for this .unclear statments .. Id emailed called main number but had fos complaint so apparently they couldn't raise dd raised complaint fos has ignored this ..crazy so no dooubt elderbridge will charge late payments interest et al .. punished for complaining to fos .. its a farce wonga were blackballed but secured lenders have carte blanche.. Ive to call a number that doesn't answer yeap fair and transparent


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                Ps its escaled to Obudsman.. I doubt any action its disgusting


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                  Pay the extra by standing order or bank transfer ?

                  Start recording your your calls and keeping a full record of all calls with notes to add to FOS complain by a copy to FCA.

                  GE and Elderbridge seem to have behaved appallingly
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                    I've had ombusman complaint open on this .. circa 12 months and still no decision .. re Elderbridge . The case against GE was told by fos a decision soon on 18 June still nought yet another complaint opned re Elderbridge refusal to increase dd unless I call a special number .. that doesn't answer .. fos opened a separate complaint regarding this and guess what still no decision or answers..


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                      Just to clarify Elderbridge increased dd on secured loan due to their baserate increases I had no objection they normally auto adjust the dd but as open fos case they said I had to call a special number refused agreement via email or over their lol customer service number .. the cs number said fos case open cant deal with your account!! SO yes I feel they are punishing me as will no doubt charge interest and fees for having not paid full dd .. they are making it difficult .. fos said they had opened new case regarding this and heard nought from either.. FOS seem to be finding having GE case and Elderbridge case too much .. what is going on


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                        Update as original loan with Ge fos say

                        Unfortunately, we’re not in a position to issue final decisions on these types of complaints at the moment. We’ve seen a number of complaints about loans that used to be owned by GE Money, but are now owned by another firm – like yours. And in many of them, there’s no agreement between GE Money and the new owner as to which business is responsible for the complaint. And that’s the case here. Put simply, GE Money says that any complaints are the responsibility of the new owner (here, Elderbridge). But the new owner says that it’s only responsible for things that have happened since it took over – and that it can’t be responsible for anything that GE Money did.

                        It’s really important for us to establish which business has responsibility – as ultimately if we issue a final decision against the wrong business, it wouldn’t be enforceable. In other words, it wouldn’t be any use to you. We’re working on resolving this dispute with the businesses involved at the moment.


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