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Letter before Claim - Lowell

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  • Letter before Claim - Lowell

    Evening Beagles,

    I have received a County Court Claim letter from Lowell Portfolio I Limited (I have submitted my AOS in the portal today giving me more time to defend this as this is a date older then 6 years) but I am wondering if they should have sent me a Letter before Claim and in a certain format? I don't recall receiving anything like what I google. I am going to send a CCA letter and SAR request but not sure if I should send a CPR letter.

    Thanks in advance
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    To update, I have a CCA letter drafted which I will print 2 copies; 1 to go to Lowell Portfolio and another copy version to go to Lowell Solicitors, a CPR letter drafted to go to the Lowell Sols along with the copy CCA letter and a SAR request that I will send to Vanquis. I am just not sure if Lowell Portfolio / Lowell Sols should have sent me a LbC letter?



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      If anyone will see and reply to this thread, I have today filed Defence as Lowell I am getting the feeling are sneaky and wont play by the rules. I sent my CCA, CPR and SAR. I received 1 letter back of Notice of Claim but this was after I had sent them the CCA so not sure that they have followed the guide there, that is to be sent to me before it gets this far?!

      I received another letter today, stating initially, on what date I entered in to the agreement with Vanquis, my address at the time and email address on file. They confirm they have received my AOS to ensure that i respond to the claim as I deem appropriate within the timescales....oh i'm sure they have my best interests at heart! They state that they have requested a copy of the Agreement and Statement but I am to be advised that they are unable to control the timeframe in which this may take, that shall contact me promptly. They provided me with the notice of assignment which I do'nt ever remember seeing, plus I keep anything important such as that. They have 12 days in order to provide me with a copy of the agreement, don't they? Do I respond to them to re-confirm this or leave the days to elapse?

      Thanks in advance,


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        If you in a court case then you must keep to the court timetable. In your defence mention the lack of CCA.


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          Thank you for your response. I have complied with my dates as per the court letter but the CCA letter says that they have to respond within 12 days yet they have not, does this mean they have breached any legal guidelines? Thanks


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