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Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues

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  • Zagley Lloyds Credit Reference Issues


    Just joined Legal Beagles yesterday. Currently having problems with Lloyds TSB who it would seem have breached data protection by placing a totally inaccurate alias link on my credit record. Have had loan and mortgage application refused as a result.

    A bit stressed about it!

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    Re: New member

    Hi Zagley

    A very warm welcome to Legal Beagles.

    This happened to my other half with Halifax and it took months to sort out. It turned out that someone tried to open an account in his name, but because he had an account years ago with the Halifax they asked for their mothers maiden name and other security questions - because they did not match my o/h's profile they were not afforded the new account, but this was entered on his credit file as an alias.

    He contacted the fraud dept at Halifax and they eventually confirmed to the credit ref agencies that the alias had nothing to do with him and this was eventually corrected. So if you have not already done so you need to contact the fraud dept of Lloyds to find out what happened for them to put this on your credit file.

    There is also on this site a thread where one bank made one of our members deceased on his credit file not just once but twice.....he is presently fighting this as this is also causing him grief. 'TANZERELLI DECEASED'


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      Re: New member

      Thanks Tuttsi. To go into it in too much detail wouldn't be fair but the alias is a member of my family with poor credit history. Draw your own conclusions - many people who have a fair amount of experience in this type of thing believe it was done intentionally by Lloyds TSB so that, at worst, could come after me for money owed by the alias, at best, cause more problems for my relative - who feels awful that this is happening to me. I have done everything I can to try and get this rectified ASAP - met with Lloyds who were disgustingly obstructive and unhelpful, written to them, written to the Ombudsman and had long conversations with Call Credit. I hope that my credit report will get cleaned up fairly quickly but then I have to deal with the quantifiable loss. So far my house has fallen in value and the trade in value of my car, which I was hoping to use against a new car purchase (and needed the loan for). Obviously, if the value of my house continues to fall (which I think we all agree it will) remortgaging and taking equity from the property which we need to do will become harder.

      I'm so worn down by this and so angry and upset I can't tell you......


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        Re: New member

        Have you written to Lloyds or is it just phone calls/conversations
        Have you written to Call Credit or is it just phone calls/conversations

        If not, you need to write, as with a call info can be misinterpreted, the person who you speak to may not be qualified to answer you, and MOST important is that it will be evidence of your attempts to sort the situation should you need to take the matter further


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          Re: New member

          No, it's all in writing! I've written to everyone I can possibly think of! I just need it sorted out now. We have to get our mortgage sorted before the value of our house falls any further. I will do anything to get it sorted - but I don't know what else I can do right now.


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            Re: New member

            Hi Zagley and welcome to Beagles.

            Could you post up copies of all the letters and responses you have sent and recieved?

            This way it will help us to build a better picture of where you are with this and how we can help with the next move.


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              Re: New member

              Can't really post the letters I've sent as they contain the personal info of my relative. I have written two letters to Lloyds themselves. The first dealt with the alias link and how they have a wealth of information already in their possession that proves we are different people and requesting sight of all their records relating to me under the data protection act and the other complaining about how they have failed to deal with the matter satisfactorily. They are also not responding to Call Credit who are being wonderful and really trying to get the matter sorted out.

              The letter to the Ombudsman complained about how Lloyds TSB have deliberately misled me (as to the complaints procedure) and been unwilling to help me sort the matter out.

              This is by no means the first problem my family have had with Lloyds TSB although I have never been involved personally in any complaint.

              The irony is that I moved my banking to Halifax after a particularly bad incident almost 2 years ago and now they're all the same group again!
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              Oh, and I should add that I've had no responses as yet....
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                Re: New member

                Ok well if you could post the text of the letters and the dates sent minus the details it would be useful.

                You have already logged a complaint with the FOS about this then have you?


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                  Re: New member

                  Thanks Tanzarelli, I'll do it when I get home this evening. I wrote to the FOS to complain not only about the alias link but the way my complaint was being handled - although "not handled" would be a better description! It was only when I spoke to our IFA (we've been keeping him updated because the problem is causing problems with our remortgage) that he said I should ask to see my file under the data protection act. He also advised that I should make it an official complaint as complaints have to be dealt with more quickly than a normal letter.

                  I just can't believe that such a huge organisation can act so negligently. I know they'll say it was a clerical error or something like that but the stress this is causing my boyfriend and myself is so unnecessary. I work for an ICAEW regulated company and so have to work round all the rules and regulations they lay down all day every day. I just can't believe that the FSA can allow this - but then I know they're just as bad having worked for an FSA regulated company for 9 years!


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                    Re: New member

                    Hiya Zagley xxxx

                    Welcome to LB!
                    Zagley is my former next door neighbour and I spoke to her on phone last night. She has done absolutely everything right so far.
                    I've had a very similar situation whereby LLoyds were chasing a relative of mine for a debt, she was using my postal address as a service addy and had not given them a contact number apart from her mobile.
                    LLoyds cross referenced the address and clearly found my LLoyds account with my home number. They then started telephoning MY home number to get to her.
                    Zagleys situation seems far more serious though. By putting this alias link on her credit file they have trashed her chance of getting a mortgage soon, surely this is a major breach of her data?? I've already suggested she start a spread sheet to monitor just what all this mess is costing her.

                    So she's really done everything correct so far, Lloyds have about 20 days left to respond to the complaint. I'm just wondering what else can be done.
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                      Re: New member

                      Thanks Zagley.

                      When did the FOS complaint go in and have they acknowledged this being made yet. I understand this can be very frustrating and if it is affecting you financially then it is very serious.

                      FOS complaints, as I am sure you know usually require you to give the firm 8 weeks to respond. If after this time they have failed to respond by providing you with a written final response then they will write to the firm and make them do this. Also if you do recieve a final response from the firm and your not satisfied then they will then look at your complaint further. However it is a lengthy process with the FOS which can take time due to their being inundated with complaints. However the FOS is split into various teams dealing with different types of complaints. For this type of complaint I would expect it to be dealt with quicker than for say something like a mis-sold PPI complaint which can take 12 or more months.

                      It is useful to know timescales for what you have sent and also copies to be able to see whats needs to be done as you can see.

                      Sorry for the questions but they are needed as i'm sure you'll agree.

                      ------------------------------- merged -------------------------------
                      Also team is it worth moving this thread out of the welcomes forum and into another area more suited?
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                        Re: New member

                        Thanks Tanz, I didn't realise they had that long to respond actually - I only sent the letter to them last Friday. I have to be honest and say that the complaint about the way they're handling this is of secondary importance to me. I need to get my credit file sorted and then I can really concentrate on the way this is being handled. If the media are to be believed then yes, I will be suffering financial loss as the value of my house is going down every month.

                        I will get you details of the letters when I'm home this evening - do not have them at work.

                        Thanks for all the advice - enormously appreciated!


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                          Re: New member

                          Can you also put a statement on your credit file that can be read by any one who's checking the file? Isn't it called a disassociation or something?

                          I had a similar problem with Natwest putting incorrect data on my credit file, although it wasn't an alias, but their mistake. it took about a month or so to sort out and they gave me 100 compensation in the end.
                          Is no longer here


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                            Re: New member

                            I think I can put a note on my file but a potential lender won't necessarily see it. Also, my credit score is now soooooooooooo bad that I don't think anyone would be willing to take a risk on me anyway. I don't think I would!

                            Tanz, I've gone to cut and paste the letters but they're really long. I normally try and keep letters brief but there was so much info in these they were necessarily long. It's going to make a very long post if I cut and paste all the letters I've written - any ideas what to do?


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                              Re: New member

                              Lots of things have an impact on your credit file, lots of searches, missed payments, defaults, being recorded as deceased, and inaccurately recorded information.

                              Shrink the text lol.

                              Really we need the main points covered, dates sent, if they were rec del and any responses (not that you have had any going by your earlier post). There is no point drafting anything if its already been covered, we could however refer to a previous letter if something was covered in that to hammer it home again if need be though.


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