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CCJ Paid but Very not closing the Account?

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  • CCJ Paid but Very not closing the Account?


    I defaulted on my Very account and was told it would go to a CCJ. I explained I couldn't have that if possible due to my Job. Lowell came up with an idea of a Tomlin order (never heard of it) to stop that happening it would have to be signed and sent back. Some time since passed, and I never received a Tomlin order, so I got in touch and they agreed to make sure it was sent out. I never received it, only a letter saying a Tomlin Order was enclosed (You guessed it; no Tomlin order attached to the letter!) I queried this with an email as proof to leave a paper trail and still heard nothing.

    Only when I went back through the payments that I'd made every month, there was a 100+ attached as costs for a Tomlin order which I'd never received and they definitely didn't get back signed.

    So eventually a CCJ went out. I have this year, 2 years later, managed to clear the CCJ of 2700 and is now Satisfied on my CRA. I rang Very asking if they would close the account and they said they can't so there's a balance outstanding of 2900.

    So I'm just a bit confused if I don't have the account anymore, it has been paid/settled via the CCJ from my end as to why it won't be settled.
    ​​​​​​Or does this just remain defaulted and open on my account till 6 years passes?

    Also is it worth querying the charges for a Tomlin order which they definitely won't have on file as being signed for.

    Thank you.
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    I'm no expert, however, firstly I would find out what a "tomlin order" is as that sounds a little suspect, ie you signed for something but did you read it ?

    If your CR shows as clean then why not ask them to prove that you still have a debt ? you mention you managed to clear the debt, did you get a final payment letter ? what is the 2900 for then ?

    If its defaulted / open then surely that implies you haven't paid it off ?

    Here is a WIKI link to Tomlin order, pinch of salt as it is wiki... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomlin_order


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      last Decembers item nothing input since. anybody not know tomlin order google it perfect;y legal process


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