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JBW Group bailiff problems

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    Re: JBW Group bailiff problems

    Hello Everyone,

    I've been away so didn't manage to check my post before now.

    I have received a reply letter from TFL (yay) and it reads:

    "Thank you for your letter received 13 March 2012, which was addressed to the Head of Contracted Services. As a correspondence Officer for Congestion Charging and Traffic Enforcement your letter was passed to me for response.

    We are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the points raised in your above-mentioned letter and are liasing directly with JBW bailiffs regarding their administration of the warrant. A full response will be issued in writing to you as soon as the investigation is complete.

    I hope this clarifies the position of TFL and once again thank you for your correspondence.

    Yours sincerely,
    (Hand signed)"

    To be honest this is what I was hoping for. I sent the letter out to both TFL and JBW, but I strongly believe my chances of retrieving any compensation are with TFL.

    I will update you as soon as I receive a decision.



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      Re: JBW Group bailiff problems

      Originally posted by CleverClogs View Post
      It is obvious, from the breakdown of fees (link) provided by the numb-nuts at JBW, that you have indeed been overcharged. This would still be true if one accepted that all their fees were valid, as the letter fee was charged at £11.20 whereas the letter fee that the regulations allow is a mere £10 - and that's only allowed if the letter is sent before their jackanape attended.

      The regulations allow for a fee of 20% to be charged on debts under £200 and, as the original penalty was just £187, that means a fee under paragraph 2 of the regulations of £38. (Fractions of pounds are always rounded up in such calculations, as the law recognises that bailiffs have rather limited cerebral abilities.)

      No other fees should have been charged.

      I am not a lawyer, but I nevertheless believe you have a valid case against TfL, JBW and Gruesome Gideon, jointly and severally, for the excessive fees paid and the costs of repairing the criminal damage caused - side window badly scratched and needing to be replaced. You might as well add barmy, bicycling, big-headed Boris to the claim, as that might get wider press interest. TfL surely wouldn't want to be associated with Gruesome Gideon, no matter how remotely, if his previous antics were to be revealed.

      The fees you have quoted are from old legislation. I hope these are not the ones quoted in any letter sent. They are allowed to charge £11.20 for a letter fee; 28% up to £200.

      Someone has made a mistake I'm afraid.


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        Re: JBW Group bailiff problems

        Originally posted by labman View Post
        The fees you have quoted are from old legislation. I hope these are not the ones quoted in any letter sent. They are allowed to charge £11.20 for a letter fee; 28% up to £200.
        Please post a link to the current regulations.


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          Re: JBW Group bailiff problems

          The Enforcement of Road Traffic Debts (Certificated Bailiffs) (Amendment) Regulations 2003

          There you are good sir. Look at Number 2! :beagle:


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            Re: JBW Group bailiff problems

            Hi Labman,

            Thanks for clarifying.

            The only thing relating to costs that I sent over to TFL was photocopies of the bills i received in the post.

            Still waiting to hear back from TFL. Will update you all as soon as hear back.


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              Hi ,

              looking for for some advice please. I have been living at my new address for over 2 years and have just been had to collect a removal letter from my old address from Jbw. Saying I owe £393. I know nothing about this and it says itís from Northampton court. I live in Lancashire so have no idea what this can be.
              Could anyone advise me on what I should do. The debt type says itís RT.


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