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Caught shoplifting, do I pay the fine?

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  • Caught shoplifting, do I pay the fine?

    Been caught shoplifting from Superdrug today, a total of £31 of stuff, I don't know why I did it as I have the money to pay for it all, the lady that caught me was dressed in casual clothing and caught me once I had left the store and the alarms had gone off. Police were not called as she said I had shown remorse and it was clear it was a one off and that I was terrified, so no Police involvement. My details were taken and I have been put on a civil recovery scheme and have been told to expect a letter demanding a fine. I am only 18 and live with my parents who cannot find out, first question is what will the envelope look like, e.g. will it have the RLP logo on it?
    Secondly, it has come to my attention that many people choose not to pay the RLP as they cannot do anything, this scares me as will superdrug pass on my details to the police if I don't pay the fine? Also, I move cities due to going to uni in September, which means my address will change, how long (if I don't pay the fine) will this carry on for as I don't want my parents opening letters in my absence and finding out.
    This is my first time ever being in trouble and I truly am sorry, I obviously returned the goods and they were in a resellable condition, I feel sick thinking about any possible record I may have even though the in store detective said I would not get a record for this.

    Overall, How will the envelope look? How long will this last if I don't pay the fine? How much is the fine likely to be? What are the future repercussions of this?

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    So it is not a fine. RLP do not have the authority to issue fines. It is a request for payment for their alleged losses in handling the matter. However, as a judge told them, they have had no additional costs or losses as they would have had the same costs whether you were there or not.

    They can't really call the police after the event. Nothing has been stolen, no loss.

    Just ignore. Tell parents, and tell them to ignore. Expect the ear bashing but I'm sure they will help.


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      Do you know how long this is going to carry on for? As I havenít received the letter yet I am unsure of the amount but if it is less than £200 I donít know whether to just pay it as I will be moving, I cannot tell my parents due to an already strained relationship, it would cause huge issues more than just a telling off if they found out


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        Have you really been reading the other threads about this (well yes as you have double posted). You were advised to just ignore their demands for payment. Look up the Oxford Case and RLP. There is a summary on this site.

        Tell parents, they are surprisingly tolerant and helpful.


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          Sorry Iím just really stressing out as this is the first time Iíve ever been in trouble, what about the debt collectors as I heard somewhere that someone had them turn up at their house?


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            As ostell we recommend letting your parents know as this is a secret you will hanging over you for some months.
            As a misdemeanour it is very small
            RLP letters can be read here :https://legalbeagles.info/forums/for...rs-rlp-and-dwf
            There is no need to wait for your own copy.
            They can go on for 5 or 6 months, each one becoming more threatening as they become more desperate to relieve you of your money.

            Go to Uni, enjoy it (and do some study)


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              Originally posted by Kirklorder View Post
              Sorry Iím just really stressing out as this is the first time Iíve ever been in trouble, what about the debt collectors as I heard somewhere that someone had them turn up at their house?
              Be a wasted journey for them if they try that tactic, as you don't pay them and you tell them to leave the premises otherwise you will call the police to prevent a breach of the peace.
              They won't actually come as there is no debt, and they have no power being toothless wonders


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                what state do you live ?


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                  Is there a way to change my address when I move so the letters come to me rather than my parents house? It's just not feesable for me to discuss this with my parents at all, if they found out it would be disastrous for my relationship with them, and also I have read that the debt collectors send letters after the forth letter from the RLP, are these envelopes obvious as to what is enclosed or is it discreet


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                    You could have your post redirected by the post office to your address at Uni



                    • #11
                      I might see how much the fine is and depending on the amount just pay it, it seems like a lot of hassle to not pay and I understand I have done wrong and have accepted responsibility for that.


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                        are you sure you are just giving up?


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                          I don't want to give up, but with my parents not going to know, me moving cities soon, it just seems like a lot of stress for a non-significant amount of money


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                            ohh, i see ,it's better to pay the ticket rather to explain to your parents your current movements


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                              The demand for money (please do not call it a fine) will probably be in the £160 region.
                              Significant or not, it is not something RLP are entitled to, but it is obviously your choice to pay or not


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