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Scaffolding in private garden - weekly consideration

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  • Scaffolding in private garden - weekly consideration

    Hi All,

    We have developers working on the property directly at the end of our garden. They want to erect 90cm of scaffolding (2metres altogether) in our garden. We are working on an agreement, but it is very hard to find out what to charge per week. Our garden is only 6metres and we have 3 small children. It will probably be there over the summer holidays. I also work a few hours teaching from home per week, which may become v difficult with noise etc... Any ideas what we should be asking for per week? We don't yet know the duration. Many thanks.
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    Are the developers building up to the boundary?
    If so have the developers acted in accordance with the Party Wall Act 1996.and issued you with a notice

    In any event if I were you I would be telling the developer that you will not give permission until you have taken legal advice; and that they must agree to bear all your legal costs in setting up any access facilities - including the initial appointment with the solicitor. Reiterate that no access will be granted without a tightly drawn-up legal agreement that sets out all the terms and conditions - including time limits, daily access, compensation etc etc


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      Many thanks. We have legal advice and a surveyor and are drawing up a legal agreement. Just stuck on finding any info on what to charge them.


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        All i can suggest is you ask a friendly local builder what difference it will make to costs and time between building with scaffolding or having to build from the inside (overhand bricklaying I think its called ? wales01man ) although the finish you will be left looking at won't be so neat.
        That might give you an idea how much the developers will be saving by having scaffolding on your land and therefore a bargaining point.


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