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Shopping safely online

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  • Shopping safely online

    Shopping online can be fun and convenient but are you doing all you can to keep yourself and your family safe on the internet? Do you know how to keep your credit card secure whilst shopping online? Is your card registered for added security measures such as Verified by Visa, MasterCard secure or American Express […]

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    Re: Shopping safely online

    Hi everyone, I recently received an email from HqBILL.NET they said I have to pay 104.70 pounds for an account made on datebeach.co.uk. Shame on me I have made the account I have made a purchase of 4 or 5 pounds, something like that with my debit card, but I didn't notice any 104.70 tax. They have not took my money then, but I received that e-mail in 23/08 and they've told me they will. Recently I checked my card and I have noticed that I have a blocked sum of exactly 104.70 pounds. I have spoke with my bank agent and he told me that I can make a complain at the nearest police station, destroy my card and block it, but only if I didn't entered my card details on the site. If I entered my details, and made the complain I will get a criminal record... what can I do to get my money back ? I didn't know and I don t remember to be told of any premium account for 3 months that costs104.70 pounds. HELP HELP HELP...


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      Personally, I haven't ever faced problems with online shopping. Maybe because I visit only reliable marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or aliexpress. Or the reason may be in different proxies and VPN services I use https://medium.com/@ininja/how-to-vi...s-75aa55a6252a that guarantee internet security.


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        For your safety is better to make purchases only at verified online markets. This is my advice to you. And also a good solution that I read from vladtalks.tech to install a VPN program on my MacBook and iPhone and they told me that my data will be protected and nobody will be able to follow my internet traffic. I can keep calm now that my credit card data will not be stolen because I heard many stories about how the scammers after some purchases on their website stole too much money from people.
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          it is quite hard to help if you don't remember anything. You should check that activity again to make sure that you created those accounts by yourself because sometimes it might be the hacker. Ask the administer about that high tax, I don't think it was that high, did you buy something online?


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