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One more question on Spouse Power of Attorney

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  • One more question on Spouse Power of Attorney

    Further to my Mother passing away in Scotland earlier this year - the Scottish Executor has advised of the size of the estate and I have noticed that over AUD $700,000 is missing from one of the Australian Bank accounts compared to when I last saw my Mothers financial records in 2018.
    My Step Father-in-Law has had Power of Attorney for about the last 2 years, so I assume had access to this account. That is nearly 400,000 British Pounds, so there is no way my dementia inflicted Mum could have spent that money in just 2 years herself. She was in a home that was costing 25,000 British Pounds per year for the last 2 years.

    Can a spouse just take their husbands money prior to them passing ?


    Digger11 (Jon)
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  • #2
    Joint account?


    • #3
      No, just in Mums name. Setup about 40 years ago before she even met my step father .


      • #4
        Is your Step father resident in the UK? Has you asked him to explain the apparent missing amount?


        • #5
          Not yet, as we are not sure how to approach it, and he lives in Glasgow. it.
          Did you steal mums money ???


          • #6
            Softly softly catchy monkey -

            How about " When I looked at Mums Australian account a couple of years ago there was X amount in it and now it is $700K less what has happened to it?" "Has it been transfered to another of her accounts?"

            You know him and should phrase the questions so as not to imply any wrong doing.

            He is her husband and has LPA so can within reason deal with her finances.

            There may be a viable explaination.


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              Thanks PJ, that is great advice. Will try that, even though we are a bit estranged from our Stepfather it might get a response (especially if there was a valid reason).
              That just leaves my question about non-UK assets that may not be covered by the wording of Mums Scottish Will - I posted a question a few days about this - you wouldn't happen to know the answer to that one ?

              cheers Digger11 (Jon)


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