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TalkTalk / Lowell Letters

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    There seems to be two numbers in this argument, 0195......... and 0149 ......., neither of which are mobiles. Which one is being chased?

    Have you tried calling those numbers and see who answers.


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      Both very good questions, the only clarification on which are in the text I have provided so they are chasing both I guess - although the "summary" provided by TalkTalk (apparently) states the 01953 number. I have not tried calling them, would this help to know if I did so, as this has been ongoing for so long the numbers may have moved to new people (although I could ask the people who answer I suppose - if they have held the numbers for so many years then that would further suggest this has nothing to do with me...).

      Also, I do know what my TalkTalk landline number was so I know it is neither of these.



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        Great Yarmouth and Wymondham - either places you've lived ?
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          I live in the Yarmouth area, so my number did begin with 01493 but was not the number stated (it was 01493 XXXXXX). Have lived in the property for over 4 years now, so the 2015 date with a Wymondham number is very odd.
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            TalkTalk are a shambles, it would not surprise me if they have applied an incorrect number to your account when transferring the data over to Lowell as part of the purchase.

            I had a nightmare with TalkTalk years ago with a relatively simple complaint and going around in circles until I complained to their CEO. Eventually got a refund of all my subscription costs paid to them before moving elsewhere, but I digress.

            SAR Talk Talk as that should reveal your old land line number with them when all the information comes back, plus you don't know what other gems it might unearth. Other than that I'd just wait for Lowell to send the pre action letter and thereafter force their hand to provide documents or bugger off.


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              Thanks for the input. I had engaged with the CEO 'Team' but got nowhere, just fobbed off and passed around many many times. I have had no direct contact from TalkTalk for a while though, then Lowell started so I guess they have washed their hands of it.

              I will SAR TalkTalk as suggested, but will leave Lowell alone until I hear further - be it pre action or otherwise...

              Thanks again.


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                Quick update: I received the pack from TalkTalk yesterday and rather conveniently they have stated that they only hold the telephone call records for a certain period so none were available for my account.

                Regards the bill amount there is some breakdown contained therein, but for some reason as of the termination date the account telephone number changed from my number to a different one associated with a different address where I used to live, however I am certain that was never my phone number even when living at the previous address; from thereon the bill has bee associated with that number and not my own - very odd. Is this a leg to stand on when I hear from Lowell again? I will SAR Lowell at this point too as if they have the same (or less) information I can point this out to them and the fact that they have the wrong person/address/number.

                They also had the address incorrect from my previous residency - is this also something that can be pointed out/used?

                There is reference to them selling the account to Lowell so they do officially own it and I am sure they will not stop chasing it, especially as it is not a small sum for this type of account.




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                  Good afternoon,

                  I am still yet to receive anything from Lowell, other than a letter stating as they had not heard from me in 30 days they assume I accept the account balance (which I clearly do not). They still have not acknowledged the incorrect information, etc.

                  Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions following my previous post dated 20th April.

                  I anticipate receiving something from Lowell in the not too distant future, possibly along the lines of a pre-action letter.




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                    Diana M


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                      Diana is "inactive"


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                        Good morning,

                        I was hoping there may be other members who could provide input into my situation as Diana appears to have been inactive for a month or so?

                        FYI, although no letter has yet been received I am receiving a lot of rather annoying text messages from "Lowell" (no number) asking me to phone them, which I will not be doing - not until I receive something in the post anyway. This to me indicates that something is likely to happen soon so any input would be greatly appreciated.

                        As soon as I receive a letter or some more input from Lowell I will upload it / any comments for reference.




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                          I would not bother engaging further with Lowell, except to write and tell them to desist harassing you.
                          If they have a case they need to present it to court, and I would have expected some move by them in that direction by now if they were sure of their case.
                          Seems to me they are hoping to wear you down so you pay them just to get rid of them.

                          tagging R0b Amethyst


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                            Complain to OFCOM online stating that you are receiving multiple phone calls from a caller that is withholding their number and it is causing you distress. Try this page


                            • #29
                              Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

                              As I had been to'ing and fro'ing a bit with Lowell, perhaps that has delayed any legal action on their part - I would imagine I am at the 30 days following the last letter from them and hence why I am anticipating some sterner action incoming. I will still do as you have suggested and will complain to OFCOM. I am less inclined to issue any more letters to Lowell as this has been ongoing for some time now and that may just fuel the fire of ongoing contact.

                              Thanks again.



                              • #30
                                Good morning,

                                I have today received a Pre-Legal Assessment letter from Lowell advising they are "deciding whether to transfer your account to our solicitors to take legal action" - is this the point to issue an SAR?

                                Any advice appreciated as I do not want it to get further and end up with a ccj or similar so any pointers on how to prevent that / counter the legal action would be most useful.


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