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E:on : please help - no idea what to do.

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  • E:on : please help - no idea what to do.

    So I'll try to be as brief as possible.

    I moved out of a property in December 2021. We had lived there since May 2014. N Power were our supplier until they went bust in 2020 when E:on took over.

    In January 2020 it came to light that we had been paying for the electricity on a property that was nothing to do with us since May 2014.

    We made a complaint to N Power who agreed we had been paying the bill on the other property at about 300 a year. At this point they split the bill.

    In October 2019 my partner left. The bill prior to that had been in his name. He went to the States and disappeared. N Power refused due to GDPR to go into the account back to 2014 even though the bill had been paid by our joint account since May 2014 with my name on it and as the only earner, but yes, they confirmed they believed we had been billed for that time. All of this is in writing from N Power.

    Currently we have been given a no fault eviction on our current house as the owners need to sell. I went in to check my file to see that my credit history was all Ok to discover a company called SONEX has registered that I haven't paid my electricity bill for the last 6 months. It says my current supplier is E:on and I owe them 1039 and my otherwise perfect credit history is trashed as a result. So I am now facing homelessness with two young children as no one will rent us a property with a credit history that looks so bad on paper despite having a good job and income.

    I complain to E:on to say :
    - they are not my current supplier so why are they registering a current debt as if they are?
    - I moved out of the old property in December 21 not March 22 so its for the wrong amount anyway.
    - we paid 300 for 6 years on a property that wasn't ours which no one has refunded so actually they owe me 700 ish.

    E:on are saying that it was just an address error and nothing more - different to N Powers response conveniently.
    They want more than just my tenancy agreement to say we left in December 21 and not March 22 and so still maintain we owe them 1039.
    And they refuse to acknowledge that they have registered the debt incorrectly even though it is a complete misrepresentation.

    Is there anyway I can sort this out? I have provided them with all the evidence. They wont budge or have I got it all wrong and they are right? I feel like I am going mad.
    Shouldn't they have taken me to court for a CCJ rather than registered it as current supply? At least then I can explain to a Judge that I dont owe it?
    Please help. I thought I was doing OK, now I feel completely powerless.
    Thank you.

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    Try not to worry.

    a) The first thing to do is add a Notice of Correction to your Credit Report, state that 'due to N Power / Eon failure to bill you for the correct amount (because you were paying for a neighbour's bill for energy you haven't used)and as the utility was in a partners name and they have moved, means you can't get access to the information you need to resolve the matter. Eon won't provide the requested information.


    b) Contact the Information Commissioners Office, run through the situation, see what you can do about getting the information you need from EON Next.

    You can chat to someone, they have an online facility.


    c) Email a Formal Complaint to the CEO of EON, mark it as such, make sure you get Proof of Postage. Include what's happened, how it's effected you and what you want them to do. Clearly from what you say, they owe you money. Include the evidence you have from N Power (if they are in the wrong I believe they owe you compensation due to the stress this has caused you, essentially made you homeless due to 'shredding your credit report'.

    Chris Norbury
    Chief Executive

    Update the thread when you get more info.
    Also don't speak to them over the phone.


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      Thank you.
      I have emailed the CEO last week and it gets referred to a executive complaints handler. She has said that even though NPower put it in writing we'd paid two bills actually it was just an address problem and I still have to pay. She now has my tenancy for the property we moved to showing the start date but that isn't enough apparently and she wants the Council Tax bill. I have said that I can have council tax on numerous houses and the tenancy as a contract means more.

      I did speak with the ICO but the ex has to give his consent and as we have no idea where he is its not going to happen.

      Ive said I will take them to court for compensation for their shoddy behaviour but it wont solve the credit history problem in the mean time.

      I suppose I could just offer to pay it if they agree to remove the details from the credit file.


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        Phone Citizens Advice, explain the situation. They have an Extra Help Unit who can speak to EON directly on your behalf. You have children so that makes you 'vulnerable', see if EHU can extend help to you.


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