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New House No Wifi

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  • New House No Wifi

    Hi all, any advice is much appreciated in advance.

    My partner has just moved into a council house from her parents (she works from home) was a little late ordering wifi but had booked two weeks off work for the move, so we thought this would work out okay after ordering with plusnet on 4th June.

    Since the order, she's recieved the new router, however, this says not to be plugged in until they say so.

    In the background, plusnet have cancelled the order, and reinstated it, and then somehow BT have said that plusnet can't take over the house yet because they can't authorise it?

    Not sure if the previous tenant was still in contract with BT or something, but there's an Internet line to the house and she's got the new router, yet plusnet have said today that it's going to be a minimum of 10 working days until the next step. I thought that wifi was considered a utility these days, all this messing about has so far cost 3 days wage and looks like it's going to get worse. Does anybody know if these firms have to do things within certain time frames or whether they might have a duty of care? The money has been paid for the first month up front too.


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    Originally posted by Lee234 View Post
    I thought that wifi was considered a utility these days,
    Telecomms generally, along with gas, electricity and water, have always been considered "utilities" but that in itself doesn't give customers specific rights for how soon the service must be connected.
    All opinions expressed are based on my personal experience. I am not a lawyer and do not hold any legal qualifications.


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      Have a look at their Terms and Conditions, there might be compensation for certain failures on their behalf. What you need to do is lodge a formal complaint in writing, make sure you get Proof of Postage. When you get their final response, if you still aren't happy and they've sent you a Final Response / Deadlock letter, then you can go to the Services Ombudsman or similar.


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