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British Gas broke into the wrong house

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  • British Gas broke into the wrong house

    Hi, British Gas broke into our house last week to remove a meter, problem is they got the wrong house, and have admitted so.
    my property has no gas supply / no meter.
    They should have gone to a property 3 doors up.

    despite the obvious errors I have consistently asked Bgas to provide me with a copy of the warrant to prove they had rights to break in. (They did have my address registered to the account)
    should a warrant have been hand delivered?
    what safeguarding checks should be done before breaking in?
    should a warrant have been left on the premises?

    10 days later and all they can send me is an application for a warrant, which is not a warrant!

    any advice appreciated!
    Thanks xx
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    Hi EMMA

    Did you get any letters prior to their actions?

    a) Write a Formal Letter of Complaint to British Gas, mark it as such. Explain that they broke into the wrong address, they had the wrong address on the account, that it's caused you distress and embarrassment, that you wanted to be compensated. Whatever figure they come up with, make a counter offer. If they had a warrant or not becomes 'irrelevant' because they acted on incorrect information on the account in question.


    b) In your complaint explain that you will lodge a complaint with the ICO, as the information on the account is incorrect, once you receive a final response from them.

    c) Send them a Subject Access Request, they have 30 days to provide all the data they hold on you (that will demonstrate no account exists under your name), make sure you get Proof of Postage.



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      Before a warrant is issued (I issue them) there has to be evidence of letters and visits to the address. You should have had these letters (even though the address is wrong). Did you get any? A warrant should not be issued without this proof. Also British Gas have to affirm there are no vulnerable people in the property. We sign many warrants at the same time but the BG rep under oath states that the letters and visits have been done and that there are no vulnerable people at the address.


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        Thank you both. British Gas claim they posted a letter to the address (just 1) but I explained if it was addressed to the account holder I wouldnít open it and just mark Ďreturn to senderí No prior visits were done, and a warrant want left on the day. I have asked for two weeks now for a copy and they say they have it but havenít got it to me.
        they offered £100 compensation which I refused, she really pushed me for a figure so I said £10k but would consider reasonable offers. They text to say they can now increase to £200 then will issue a deadlock letter.
        Itís all very suspicious, and tbh £200 is ridiculous. Itís not about the money but I want British Gas to review their procedures so this doesnít keep happening. If we can get the story in the papers Iím hoping more people will come forward to say itís happened to them, then BG may have to own up.


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