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police perverting or interfeing with a case

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  • police perverting or interfeing with a case


    I need to lodge a complaint against the Police for not conducting a proper investigation. The officers also claimed to have searched for witness' and alleged perpetrators and claimed only relatives could be found and a few others. They only bothered to do the investigations mostly over the phone at least for some.

    As Police lied in a tribunal and they were not under oath they cannot be prosecuted here in Scotland. However I can prove that they lied about their investigation and also a complaint against them was subsequently carried out and the investigating officer agreed that the officers investigating lied.

    I was not informed of the correct process to follow so I need to know the wording as I have been advised to complain again. the case being investigated is about child sex abuse.

    I am going to make the complaint soon and I need the wording to be correct. Also the Police investigating the Police asked to settle the matter privately, despite the serious nature of the crime being reported.

    can anyone advice me on how to word my complaint against the police who lied and did not bother to investigate people responsible for child sex abuse with violence and drugs.
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    Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

    No - something as serious as this needs the attention of a legal professional.


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      Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

      I have to warn you there are serious issues connected with the attitude of Police Scotland (and its predecessors) to reports of child sex abuse.

      Enquirer is 100% correct that you need to engage a legal professional and this needs to be referred directly to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

      From what I have read, there are indications that the actions/inaction of the police may amount to breaches of the Police Conduct Regulations. Child sex abuse is amongst the most serious offences there are under the Criminal Law and failure to investigate properly means the complainant and other minors are at risk of further abuse, etc..

      Was the tribunal you refer to an informal or a statutory tribunal? It is an Indictable Offence to mislead a a statutory tribunal.
      Life is a journey on which we all travel, sometimes together, but never alone.


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        Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

        it was a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Tribunal and the officers were not under oath. I have been advised to complain about the matter again to Police Complaints. The trouble is that they were not under oath so they did not get charged with perjury. Now I need a wording as they did not investigate the matter thoroughly and did not visit nor call upon potential witness' nor any of the persons save one whom I accused of child abuse.

        I need to have the Police officers charged either with perverting the course of justice or interfering with a criminal Investigation or both if applicable. The investigating officer agreed they lied and they also agreed that. He then attempted to encourage me to settle the matter privately. I said no.

        So I need a wording for my complaint as I am not literate enough and I have already cause this delay by seeking to have charges brought against them for perjury.


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          Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

          Think you need a Solicitor on board very hard to see how you on your own can pursue this to the end police as with all authorities must get thousands of complaints and dismiss/ignore them unless it looks like its going legal
          I would hope the truth will come out


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            Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

            Evidence at statutory tribunals is not given under oath and you cannot be convicted of Perjury for lying to a statutory tribunal. However, it is an indictable offence to mislead a statutory tribunal. The revelation of the police officer is very serious indeed and you do need to report this to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) without delay. Under no circumstances should Police Scotland be allowed to investigate this themselves. Given that criminal charges could result, the IPCC is the most appropriate body to deal with this. I would strongly advise you to engage the services of a legal professional or someone who deals with the reporting of child sex abuse cases to bodies such as IPCC. You could try the NSPCC.
            Life is a journey on which we all travel, sometimes together, but never alone.


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              Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

              NSPCC is complicit in gagging victims and covering up abuses in Scotland as children 1st now separate from NSPCC. Part of my evidence. I must warn you that it has strong references, verbal descriptions of child sex abuse, it is the meeting with the police https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8...it?usp=sharing


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                Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

                https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8...it?usp=sharing part of my evidence, advocacy services are as corrupt here in Scotland as I believe the UK.


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                  Re: police perverting or interfeing with a case

                  As well as being an LB member, I am also a retired police officer. My view of corrupt police officers when I was on the force is the same as it is now in that corrupt officers are a menace to the majority of honest officers, the community they purport to serve, the innocent and the victims of crime.

                  The Scottish Establishment is becoming increasingly jumpy about reports of paedophiles and it is strongly suspected that a massive cover-up is going on.

                  However, please be assured that the number of good, honest people far outnumber those who are protecting the evil ones who perpetrate the anti-social and unacceptable crime of paedophilia.

                  Courts and tribunals operate under different rules. You can be convicted of Perjury if committed in a court, but not before a tribunal. However, you can be prosecuted and convicted of misleading a statutory tribunal.

                  Who runs the courts system in Scotland, the Scottish government or H.M. Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS)?
                  Life is a journey on which we all travel, sometimes together, but never alone.


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