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Personal Injury - offer

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  • Personal Injury - offer

    The defendant has offered a settlement but on a Global Basis (and very low) can I request they deal with my claim and then costs separately?
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    If the defendant has made a fair offer that your solicitor thinks is acceptable, they will advise you to accept it.

    Remember that accepting an offer will mean the full settlement of your claim. There will be no opportunity to reopen the claim, so it is vital that you do not settle until you are happy with one of the following:
    • Any medical symptoms you have are resolved
    • You are at a stage in the recovery period where your symptoms will not worsen

    Once you agree to accept an offer, your solicitor will advise the defendantís side, including when they will be sending a cheque in settlement of your claim. Your lawyer will make you aware of when you can expect to receive your settlement cheque.


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      You can ask for clarification of the offer.


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        If you are not satisfied with the price do not agree


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          Update - my solicitor comes away with twice as much as me in fees - knowing it would cause me hardship in the future, once in conversation he said he would settle for a lower figure but when a global was agreed in total he took 66% - I thought so highly of him until then!


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            If your case is not settled yet, maybe you should consider hiring another lawyer. I once had this case in my family, where my cousin was thrown from her car that had swerved to avoid a dog running loose along the road. The accident claimed the life of her boyfriend and her sister while she suffered several injuries that rendered her quadriplegic. She needed 24-hour care after that and was fed through a tube. Thanks to a large settlement with her accident benefits insurer negotiated by her car accident lawyers in Toronto, who continue to represent her interests against the provincial government, her family can render her the necessary treatments.
            The family had to suffer many emotional and financial hardship, this was their silver lining.
            Everyone deserves the same level of commitment from your lawyers!
            Met with a car accident? Consult our expert car accident lawyers to help you in these difficult times to understand your rights and obligations.Call now!


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              My wife had an accident at a local bowling alley. Paramedic took her straight to hospital, result broken ankle, settlement offered. solicitor 85% wife 15%. we had a chat result from memory 60/50 still not happy as I did most of the investigation and pictures, not all lawyers are the same though. ¬*


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