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vt what to write on log book when collected

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  • vt what to write on log book when collected

    rob they are coming to finally pick up the car...Ö do I do the log book the same as if I was selling the vehicle? meaning I just hand over the green slip?

    many thanks rob
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  • #2
    rob I have just received a email saying the below is this the same as if I actually sign? because I had no intentions of signing
    • On arrival, a doorstep photo will be taken by the driver to replace your signature
    • thanks rob


    • #3
      I don't get it, a doorstep photo of what?
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        Rob A doorstep picture of my front door at home to replace my signature. I suppose just to say that's where the car was picked up from.


        • #5
          update...Ö rob M.A.G have just picked up the car¬* so its finally gone!! I refused to sign the paperwork as learnt from the forum. I have just cancelled the insurance. so good riddens¬*¬* lets see what happens next...Ö..


          • #6
            TINY TOTS what did you do with v5 ??
            Just started my journey and not sure what will happen with the collection part


            • #7
              I put the v5 and mot / and wheel nuts in an envelope. I made sure I signed and dated part 9 on the v5 so at least if any thing happens after that date I wont be liable. I was going to do it online but the man said he will do all that.¬* to be fair the whole experience of them picking up the car was ok especially when he said they are picking up 200 cars a day on vt"s and for the same company as mine close motor finance.¬*


              • #8
                TINY TOTS¬*¬*
                thank you for that¬*
                can i ask was your mot still technically valid or had you had the extension¬*
                just started my VT journey and the mot officially expired 2 weeks ago but i got the extension just debating if should put a fresh 12 months on it before collection¬*


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Malcst75 View Post
                  TINY TOTS¬*¬*
                  thank you for that¬*
                  can i ask was your mot still technically valid or had you had the extension¬*
                  just started my VT journey and the mot officially expired 2 weeks ago but i got the extension just debating if should put a fresh 12 months on it before collection¬*
                  I had the mot done in march, but you have a 3 month extension so wouldn't worry about it.¬*


                  • #10
                    TINY TOTS¬*
                    they are coming Monday to collect the car and my wife will be home¬*
                    any do's or don'ts she needs to be aware of ??¬*


                    • #11
                      DO NOT SIGN!! they will ask her to sign the paperwork do not do it. they are very much used to it anyway they know the score. take as many pictures as you can of the car. ive since found out a scratch was on my car that wasn't there when they took the car £119.00 they tried charging me but I had the photographs. also take the pictures shortly before they pick up the car. because if you take photos the night before they could say the damage was done through the night. they picked the car up from me on the Tuesday and never examined it till the following Monday so I went back to them and said the damage was done during that time. hope this helps


                      • #12
                        TINY TOTS thank you
                        Should I fill the v5 online to transfer the car or just sign the log book like you did
                        and are the classed a dealer or business if I do it online


                        • #13
                          Malcst75 I signed the part.... selling or transferring your vehicle to a motor trader signed it and dated it. you can do it online if you wish. hope the picking up of the car went ok


                          • #14
                            TINY TOTS¬*
                            collection went ok by all accounts¬*
                            guy noted a small scratch on rear bumper and a small crack on side repeater in mirror¬*the small crack was present at last mot and was advisory only total so far is £132 for these items not sure if I can contest these¬*

                            he did also say that the car will be inspected again and a further bill may come¬*

                            Iím pretty sure thatís not on he inspected and noted these and thatís it a further inspection is surely not my problem if any more damage is noted he allowed me to take a photo of the damage report but not keep it¬*

                            not sure how to proceed¬*


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