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CCBC claim letter for a 4 year PCN .. how can I defend myself, please

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  • CCBC claim letter for a 4 year PCN .. how can I defend myself, please


    I received a letter from a parking company requesting only for a PCN in a retail park I worked at 4 years ago.. with no photo , just the amount of £150 , I disputed it , as I had free parking as staff , and have not had a single letter since 2016.. I was entitled to free parking as staff and also had my old employer email also to state that I had free parking as park of the lease contract with carphone warehouse.

    they sent me 2 letters then , similar to the first about court etc, I replied and said I will not be paying as itís unfair and due to mitigating circumstances with me working as an employee etc I donít need to pay this. Itís unjust.

    ive now received a letter from CCBC with me needing to respond in 14 days. With the charges coming to £292 ... itís unreal, I canít believe it. Iíve tried to be civil but itís just not working.

    they have a small section to fill for my defence but Iím worried itís not enough.

    Whats is the best way to tackle this please Iím awful with this stuff it makes me so anxious.

    I worked at the retail park as a manager In The phone shop never had an issue with parking , never received a letter in 4 years , not a single photo of the fine even when I requested it .
    no initial PCN price just £150 out of nowhere , itís unjustifiable.
    ive provided proof I worked at the centre , Iíve had employer state I had parking in my contract. No letters , and then 3 letters and a court letter.

    whatís the best way to fight this ... I feel like I shouldnít just roll over and take it .. itís unfair.

    many help would be amazing thank you

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      Respond to the court by acknowledging the claim on or shortly after day 5 using the details and password on the form. Nothing in the defence. This gives you 33 days from the date of issue to get your defence to the court.

      Have you still got the original paperwork? When was the date of the alleged breach?

      SAR to the parking company requesting all the paperwork they have concerning ing you and your car.

      CPR 31.14 request to the solicitor requesting the PCN and images of the sign that created the alleged contract

      Templates in the shortcuts panel


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        I have emailed DBL legal numerous times requesting photos , etc .. expressed the reasons why the PCN is unjustified. they denied me photos and said they donít need to issue them as I didnít request in my first initial letter.

        i have only received a letter stating pay £150 by this date , for this PCN , and thatís it. Never had a previous letter until 2020. From a PCN in 2016.

        I emailed requesting this info in my previous email , and I didnít receive anything and just got this letter then. Theyíve also added in the claim that ďthe driver agreed to pay Within 28 days but did not , despite requests the PCN is outstanding.

        now I have never replied saying I would pay, this is untrue.

        the initial PCN was for 09/04/2016

        and only in late 2020 did I receive a letter about this. Which led me believe it was a kind of scam. But I emailed the company anyhow and requested this info. But have not requested to high view parking limited only the solicitors (debt firm) DBL legal.


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          Ps - I have a photo of the original letter , but not the original paper work . But I have the photo front and back


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            Let's seeit


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	8652962E-107B-40B7-B257-6941E8F3540B.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	60.4 KB
ID:	1575153Click image for larger version

Name:	DE9B3FD1-29C8-4794-8FF0-B59A552A00A5.jpeg
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ID:	1575152


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                This was their reply to me requesting information regarding photos etc.
                Attached Files


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                  Block out details cover reference numbers and name address
                  Last edited by MIKE770; 29th April 2021, 20:24:PM.


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                    Ok so I SAR the company, and sent the other to the solicitor.
                    whatís best plan of action with contacting the CCBC ?

                    whatís the best avenue to use please ?

                    also is theyíre anything I can use as ref for help with writing my defence.

                    thank you so much guys


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                      Did you fully read post #3 ?

                      Look around for parking defences and modify


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                        Hi thank you , I did yes. I have requested exactly what you said to both, Iím acknowledging the letter from CCBC now , and just not sure what to do from the courts side is all? Sorry if I come across a bit dumb this is a new language to me.

                        i am reading some use the form fill it out an send it back for defence and some are doing it online , Iíll do some scouting now today on here and see if I can find some kind of template but what would he the best plan of action from here ..


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                          If you use the form there is a limit on the characters you can use and the formatting goes to pot. You create a document and convert it to a PDF, including your signature and email it to the court.


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                            Update ... DCBL got back to my data request and have sent me the following ..

                            Ēdear mr ...

                            We write further to your request for evidence.

                            In due course, the Court will order that both parties file and serve all evidence they intend to rely on. We confirm you will therefore receive all relevant evidence in advance of the hearing.

                            Please find attached all evidence we currently have on file.

                            Kind Regards,

                            Attached Files


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                              I have cut out my old address in each one, but all of these have gone to a very old address.

                              do I have grounds to fight this?


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