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F1SRT parking

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    Hi, I received a letter from national debt collections saying I owe £170 and I replied saying I'm not liable for the charge as the NTK sent by F1RST parking was not complianti basically copied what I said to F1RST and edited a few rhings. They replied saying this.


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        Either ignore or write to them suggesting that they compare what they have written and what 9 (2) (e) of POFA says must be there. Not there then no liability


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          I think I'll ignore for now and keep it filed. If an LBCC comes through I'll write to them again, thanks ostell.


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            Hi, I received another letter from National Debt Collections. These guys can really hold a grudge even when they know they won't win in court. Guessing this is their form of LBCC before they instruct their solicitors.


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                That looks as though it is pretending to be a Letter before CLaim. Did you get the paperwork that should be included with a LBC? Probably not so write back to them and ask where is the paperwork they are required to send with a LBC so that it complies with the PAP.


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                  Yeah they didn't send any paperwork so I'll request the paperwork and see how they're planning to hold me liable as the keeper.


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