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Traffic Violation fine direct from Car Rental Company

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  • Traffic Violation fine direct from Car Rental Company


    Whilst hiring a car I allegedly incurred a Traffic Violation.

    I received notification from the Hire Car company (attached document Advise of Admin fee) of the violation and duly paid the 35 admin fee as per the Rental Agreement (see attached). The letter clearly states that the Hire Car company as the owner will be providing the relevant issuing authority with my details who will then in turn re-issue the fine to me thus giving me the option to respond and pay or appeal directly to the issuing authority. To date I have not received anything from the issuing authority. In fact to date i still don't know what the violation was for!

    I have now received a letter from the Hire Car company demanding 65 for the Traffic violation fine (see attached Advise of Fine).

    No evidence of the violation has ever been provided and as mentioned I still do not know what the violation was for if indeed there was actually one.

    So my questions are:

    Do i have to pay the fine to the Hire Car Company for the violation? As they have my Bank card details they will attempt to charge my card. I have emailed them asking them not to do this until the matter is resolved.

    Do they have to provide evidence and tell me what the violation was for?

    Can I appeal against the violation with the Hire Car Company? As the Hire Car Company claim they have paid the issuing authority then can an appeal still be made?

    Does the Hire Car Company have to prove me to me that they have paid the issuing authority?

    Are the Hire Car Company acting legally?

    Your advise on this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Advise of Admin fee.pdf
    Advise of Fine.pdf
    Rental Agreement Summary.pdf
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  • #2
    Who is the Issuing Authority?


    • #3
      Wasn't sure whether i could publish that but now you've asked it was 'London Borough of Waltham Forest'. They are down as the Issuing Agency.


      • #4
        That's OK, at least it is a proper ticket rather than one issued by the likes of Parking Eye etc. The question to ask is were you guilty of the misdemeanour?
        If so then you should thank Enterprise for having paid it at the cut price rate. The original ticket would have been 130 but reduced to 65 if paid within a limited period.


        • #5
          I don't even know what the misdemeanor was but have asked Enterprise for evidence of the violation.

          If I'm not guilty then can i still appeal as haven't Enterprise accepted my guilt by paying the fine?

          Needless to say if I am guilty then i will pay the fine.

          The original letter from Enterprise did state that they will be providing the relevant issuing authority with my details who will then in turn re-issue the fine to me thus giving me the option to respond and pay or appeal directly to the issuing authority. Had this been done then i would have received the violation details direct from the issuing authority and if not guilty then would have pleaded my case.

          Once i hear back from Enterprise i will update this thread as i don't think any of us would part with 65 without knowing what it was for.

          Thanks again.



          • #6
            Do you have the PCN number as may be able to see a video or photo - most likely capture would have been by CCTV.


            • #7
              All I have is a citation number on the letter that Enterprise sent which is FR3021086A - not sure if this is the same as a PCN number.


              • #8
                I'm sure that is a Waltham PCN number + you would need the vehicle reg.


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