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Antisocial Behaviour advice

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  • Antisocial Behaviour advice


    Could anyone give advice on how councils deal with antisocial behaviour ? It was a bit of a shock receiving a card from them but we do know who the complainer is.

    A card had been hand delivered through my sisters door from the task force team asking to contact them via a telephone number. We called today to speak to them and the person dealing with the issue is not back in office until Monday.

    Obviously we need to know what complaint is being made but when I googled the councils guidelines on how they deal with complaints, it states -

    (Course of conduct must involve conduct on at least two occasions).

    My question is, do these complaints need to have been reported to the police or could the complaint have been initially reported to the council?

    We know that the complaint is from a landlord who owns a property in our building and Im not worrying about the allegation either as there has been no contact with them. There was previously an issue regarding rubbish that the landlord had left in our garden and it didnt go in their favour, so its all stemming from this.

    We also received another letter from the council housing department because there is a doorbell camera installed and the council want to know its purpose and what it records, so I dont know if this is the distress that its somehow causing the landlord and possibly why the antisocial team is involved.


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    No need for it to have been reported to the police.

    Thgey are correct to want to know what area is recorded by the door camera. Possible Data Protection issues.


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      Hi, thanks for advising that they dont need to report to report it to the police.

      Regarding the doorbell, yes we had to tell them where the area covered, audio and whether it was on loop recording etc but the positioning of the door has a porch so it only covers that area. We forwarded pictures of the exterior layout of the porch and door and a screenshot to outline where the camera covers. So you basically need to step inside the porch and walk up to the door.


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        Could someone clarify (Course of conduct must involve conduct on at least two occasions)

        Can the Anti social task force team act on one single allegation? Their own policy on how they deal with anti social behaviour is that it must be 2 separate incidents. I have spoken to the council and they advise that it was one single complaint that was made.

        The person making the complaint has accused my sister of saying a swear word and this caused them fear and alarm. Thankfully the good old cctv that they also complained about managed to catch the conversation which proves they are lying. I am also amazed that the anti social team would act on something as trivial as this even if it did happen.

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          The reason for notofying you after one event is to put you on npotice that your behaviour is causing distress. A second similar event would, if it also caused disytress allow proceedings under the Act. The letter takes away your ability to say that you were unaware of the distress being caused.


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            Thank you. Council got back to us today and the footage supplied by us makes it clear that no foul language had happened and the council have closed the case and said they would letter the complainer.

            Hopefully this will be the end of it as its getting really silly now.



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              Good luck


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