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Violent assault

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  • Violent assault

    Good morning

    not sure if this is the right group so apologies if so

    Friday night my son was viciously beaten up on his way home from a night out

    I posted his picture on Facebook asking for witnesses, names etc. and eventually i got a call from a lad who said it was him and he was sorry blah blah blah

    I think the fact there was about 2000 shares probably made him realize he was in trouble

    My question is can i legally name and shame him on Facebook ?

    I have a meeting with the police on Monday morning but knowing out judicial system nothing will be done

    My son is very popular and there might be repercussions for the attacker if i do post his name but he should have thought about that before attacking an innocent lad

    thanks in advance
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  • #2
    It would be unwise to post anything in social media, particularly whilst the police are investigating.


    • #3
      Cinderella66 for any specific reason?


      • #4
        Possible breach of GDPR which could be serious enough to constitute a criminal offence, for starters!


        • #5
          des8 how does that work when people post footage of thefts etc., caught on cctv asking for names? Can you legally post a picture and ask for names then?


          • #6
            des8 came principle as when footage of these paedo hunters gets uploaded to show everyone guilty paedos. I have 1 name and a photo of 3 lads and need the names of the other 2. That is why I ask


            • #7
              You asked if there was a specific reason for not naming and shaming whilst police are investigating.
              Reasons include, if you get it wrong and jeopardise their investigation, you could be accused of wasting police time/ obstructing the police.
              Also I said "possible" re GDPR breach.. the chances of anyone taking action against you are remote, but it is a possibility.

              As for so called paedophile hunters i abhor those who take the law into their own hands.
              They are vigilantes who set themselves up as an alternative system of law enforcement.
              you might like to read this link: https://www.wiltshire-pcc.gov.uk/art...ctions-at-risk


              • #8
                Thanks des8 I am not trying to be awkward but the one lad confessed but wont give the other 2 names that's why plus about 1000 people have asked for the name

                So in theory it wouldnt interfere with investigation as he has confessed already but I didn't want to do it if it could implicate me in any way if anything happened later on to any of the lads


                • #9
                  Well don't do it... leave it to the police.


                  • #10
                    Ok thanks des8 not really the answer I wanted as I wanted to know the legalities but I will see what the old bill say tomorrow. Just not very confident in our justice system.
                    thanks again


                    • #11
                      trouble with forums is that the answer to the question might not be what you were hoping for, especially if the information is drip fed.
                      You started by asking about naming and shaming one person, and it sounded as if you were trying to punish him.
                      At the end it turns out you were trying to identify two others who may have been involved, and have an interview with the police tomorrow!

                      I would still recommend not acting on your own, but follow advice from the police.

                      Trust your son makes a quick recovery and is not too traumatised by his experience (and don't forget about the Criminal Compensation Board)


                      • #12
                        des8*so now the police have identified the 3 attackers and are in the process of interviewing and charging them.

                        If I later down the line put a post on social media naming them am I leaving myself open to any legal charges. Thinking tbh if anybody was to take law into own hands to issue payback as many people have been very upset by this attack and want to know who the scumbags are

                        I have stated that the police are dealing with it which exonerates me from question in terms of requesting retribution but I cannot be held responsible if somebody else does anything. Can I?


                        • #13
                          Oh yes you can!!
                          Have a read of Serious Crime Act 2007 sec 44 onward and be very circumspect of what you publish on social media, especially before any convictions.


                          • #14
                            des8*How does it work when a newspaper names them then or the police issue cctv footage or photo fits asking for names?

                            In my eyes people deserve to know the names of scum like this that are going around local areas and they should be named

                            I do realise that this cant be done before any court hearing however, I also know that papers publish local court hearing details. So still unsure as to what crime would be committed


                            • #15
                              When law enforcement agencies name people they are looking for, or when newspapers report the result of a trial the circumstances are somewhat different to an individual naming people on social media along with terms such as scumbags and payback.

                              Be cautious if you intend to name these people, even if that is only going to be after a trial at which they are found guilty.
                              IF the matter goes to trial AND they are found guilty and are sentenced, you could still be guilty of incitement if you name them depending on the
                              context of your posting .
                              You could be seen as being dissatisfied with the justice meted out by the courts and encouraging others to take the law into their own hands.
                              Vigilante style justice.

                              And what if the police take no further action or only some of the alleged perpetrators are charged?
                              Who will you name then?

                              From your first post onward you have understandably appeared to want some form of justice for your son.
                              I am concerned that in your eagerness you might overstep the mark and find yourself on the wrong side of the law.
                              The fact you raised the question of what you may or may not do shows you are aware of the possibility.

                              If you were to name them after trial IMO it is unlikely there would be any comeback on you, but the possibility is there


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