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Violent assault

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    Thanks again des8¬*

    I certainly wouldnt name anyone until after the police have finished or the court hearing but yes I do want to ensure everybody knows who the scumbags are.

    I think people deserve to know who these are so that it doesn't happen to others. In reality the judicial system will undoubtedly fail to bring sufficient justice upon the. With a slap on the wrist being the worst punishment or maybe some community service. They should be locked up and taken off the streets

    I obviously want them to suffer like my son has so yes I admit there is an element of here you go boys feel free to give a slap but I certainly wont word it that way but he is a very inoffensive lad who is loved by many many people so if they find fun in beating people up in gangs then they must be prepared to get payback. If I had my way the judicial system would say you 3 beat that 1 up so therefore in that room there are 9 waiting for you to show you what it feels like.

    That might actually be a deterrent for future offenders then



    • #17
      I must say I am glad you are not in charge of our judicial system

      You may not like what we have, so lobby your MP (when elected) to change it.
      What you propose is nothing less than vigilantism, which I abhor.


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        Maybe if you had it happen to your kids your view would change¬*¬*

        I am 52 and only ever had 1 fight in my life but believe me when this happens all you want is to exact revenge. I think about it 24/7 at the moment and it grates on you constantly¬*

        I truly hope you never encounter such feelings des8¬*coz I assure you it is horrible.

        But yes I do admit that I do believe strongly in an eye for an eye. Terrorists/supporters should be blown up in a field. Paedos castrated etc etc. It is the only deterrent. It works in Saudi

        Again I would like to thank you for your help and advise


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          I have been there, more than once, but I still believe even as a victim that law and order should prevail and there is no place in a civilised society for vigilantes.


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