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Urgent - serving notice

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  • Urgent - serving notice


    Sorry for the dumb question, but today I received directions hearing next Thursday for my application for ex breaching contact. As I only got the papers today, can I send it recorded mail tomorrow and just take the signed statement of service to the court next Thursday? Thanks in advance.
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    Just to add, I received confirmation of hearing date on Wednesday 3rd of April with instruction to serve notice to the respondent. I sent the papers via Royal Mail special delivery yesterday and today received confirmation that the concierge at the apartments where the respondent lives had signed for the package. I called the concierge who confirmed the item had been passed over tho the respondent. Is this suffice confirmation that the notice has been served? Or do I need to contact the respondent to have their confirmation? The court date is Wednesday 10th April so I would appreciate I fast response. Is it worth scanning the document and emailing it to respondent?



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      Sorry I only just saw this. Hope all went well. Your service, as you'll now know, appears to be fine considering the timescales . Are there any follow on hearings? You'd do well to get hold of an email address. You can then 'notify' them of any applications in advance/ask for disclosures. Always be polite and brief if you can.
      Do get some legal advice on the 'big points' if you can - some agencies such as parenting 2000 will give an hour a week pro bono with a solicitor. Stopping contact >should< be a massive deal. In English courts I believe its often excused in the short-term so I hope things are going OK.


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        Hi Bazeydog

        Sorry for hijacking your thread, but I did this to try to get in touch with you.

        I noticed from your username that you're an active user of Separated Dads forum - I, and many others, are keen to use the forum for help with our own situations but the forum is broken and does not allow new users to register - this seems to have been going on for a while now. I cannot bring it to their attention without being registered - catch22!

        As you are an active member with an active account, please can you help by creating a new thread bringing this to the attention of the moderators? Hopefully, this will bring it to their attention to be able to sort it out.

        The specific issue is that activation codes are not sent from the site, so new accounts cannot be activated.

        Many thanks



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