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Drug test before first hearing will it help me ?

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  • Drug test before first hearing will it help me ?

    my wife told cafcass that i use cannabis, (which i do not) also that i drink a lot (i drink about 20 units a week) my wife is denying me contact. I am 52 years old.
    Our children have been with me and my wife since they where born, but she left and took our children with her, they are two girls 7 and 5 years. the reason she left was we just do not get on together but she is makeing allagations against me that are not true.
    i have not seen the children since 20 May 2013
    My wife did not attend the frist hearing on 19 july
    so the judge set a new date for 10 sepember.
    and has ordered she attend in person 30 monutes before the hearing for nagotiation,
    i do not have any history of hurting our children .
    The socail worker even said the problem is when me and my wife are together and we argue becouse I think she is too strict with our children and she thinks I am too soft., the socail worker said we are both good perants but bad living together
    i am going to have a hair strand test (the court as not ordered this but they could do at the first hearing becouse cafcass have advised a test in their letter)
    My with has alleged I smoke CANNABIS and drink to much so CAFFCASS have adviced the court to test for these.

    I want to have a underarm hair test ( before I am ordered to) for cannabis, to show i do not take cannabis, is it a good thing to do this before I am ordered by court?

    should I send the results to cafcass before the hearing ?

    I want to show cafcass that i am telling the truth and my wife is making allagations that are not true.
    will they think better of me if i do?
    will it make my contact case stronger?

    I can not have a hair strand test for alcohol as my head hair is to short.
    so I have had a liver function test for gamma and alt they show normal liver function.

    Sould I send these result to Cafcass also?

    cafcass seem to listen to my wife but not me unless i can prove otherwise.

    has any member been through the same situation?
    if I do all the above will it help me?

    will the court allow me some contact (IF MY WIFE WILL AGREE ON CONTACT ) until this situation is sorted out?

    Initial Advice to the court
    • The court may wish to consider hair strand testing in respect of alcohol use and cannabis use.
    • A S7 report may be considered beneficial in this matter in relation to the welfare issues raised within this letter. This could be undertaken by the Local Authority who are currently involved in this matter.
    • I would advise that contact is considered cautiously in light of the safeguarding concerns raised within this letter.
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    Re: Drug test before first hearing will it help me ?

    I've got this feeling of deja vue.... (have replied on your other thread bodlovic) x


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      Re: Drug test before first hearing will it help me ?

      Originally posted by MissFM View Post
      I've got this feeling of deja vue.... (have replied on your other thread bodlovic) x

      This is only my opinion - "Opinions are made to be changed --or how is truth to be got at?" (Byron)

      You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.
      Cohen, Herb

      There is danger when a man throws his tongue into high gear before he
      gets his brain a-going.
      Phelps, C. C.

      "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance!"
      The last words of John Sedgwick


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        It is hard to believe that you have never user to smoke weed . Marijuana can be detected in your organism typically for 30-45 days. So if you smoked last month the test will show positive result that you still has drug in your blood and vessels . To be sure that you will pass the test also for personal confidence I would recommend to xxxxxxxxxxxxxc

        This method is perfect for hair for drug test test and I think is exactly that you need.
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          The thread is 6 years old so your advertisement will fall on deaf ears


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            As far as I know, the drug tests are very accurate, so, if you're not using cannabis, everything should be fine. One of my friends has recently taken a drug test from https://testcountry.com and it has shown a positive result, and he is in real trouble now. However, there is nothing to worry about if you are not a cannabis user. The drug test is going to show a negative result, and yes, I think that it's a good idea to do that before you're going to the court.
            Last edited by DanielStone; 19th February 2020, 18:52:PM.


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              Totally bad advice to get a drug test. Even if you organise it private, these things have a way of “finding” their way to the wrong hands.
              Just walking past a car these days can expose you to vapours and more that you are 100% passive to.
              cystal meth is effectively vapour in Crystal dry form.
              It s odourless and effectively tasteless in small dose and can easily be slipped undetected in tea coffee or anything, so can pretty much everything else.
              you cannot win child custody cases in UK vs women.

              DO NOT TRY!
              Think of something else clever.
              Generally, money works! Any mother that is so callous to abuse her children by depriving from a genuine loving father (even one not so loving, but at least making the effort) does not really have the proper empathy of a true mother!
              they will go for the cash option.
              If you do set upon a drugs test for cannabis, reverse it and get a positive one, with a doctors note, explaining how the prescription will make you a better father/carer etc!


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                Well, marijuana is getting legal in a lot of places and if you live in a place where it is legal there should not be any problems. It is something that is used to help us with injuries and stress, and I have not heard that it has bad side effects that are really bad. People are learning more about it and that is good. There is a good article on urbanaroma about how people in DC are getting used to deliveries of weed and how it is still strange for some. Marijuana is something that should not have been banned, but we could not do anything about it for a long time really.
                Last edited by OliverWilk; 19th October 2020, 00:06:AM.


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