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Not coping with demotion

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  • Not coping with demotion

    Hi Everyone

    Would anyone have any tips on coping with demotion I thought I was ok but a few months in and it has hit me hard.

    Following on from appling for a supervisor role last year and getting the job I put in a grievance a few months back because my employers did not fulfill the promises they made or give me the increment they also promised.

    The result of my grievance was a demotion a d a lump sum payout to cover the difference for a year of the pay difference.

    Last week our department head of service was saying he wanted me back in that role and would get back thee in the next 12 months. He then starts telling me hes going to organise various things to help me.

    A few days later he then tells another manager that he will recruit to my old supervisor role as they need someone technically trained but he told me he wouldnt recruit. He gave the whole team objectives then helped all the others with starting on theirs but he didnt do anything for me.

    My manager is saying hes just paying me lip service my heads a mess with it all I just wanted a chance to grow in my role and develop into senior things its bad enough stepping back a level without being told one thing by one and something else by another.

    They dont realise all of this is destroying my confidence.
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    Personally I would be getting my CV updated and looking for a new job, it's not good to have someone continually moving the goal posts like that and if you are not valued where you are, find a company that will.

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