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Not allowed to qualify due to my poor english

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  • Not allowed to qualify due to my poor english

    Ok firstly lets make it clear... I was born and bred in UK. Been speaking English my whole life, got English GCSE's, A-levels, written 30 page dissertations in english and got over 70% at uni, given presentations to heads of departments and everyone I mention this to says my English is fine. And yes i make spelling mistakes have the rare stutter but who doesnt...

    Anyhow while trying to qualify as a pharmacist I was told by a pharmacist tutor I was not going to be signed off due to "not being able to communicate effectively in English" and "needing more experience"

    I contacted the GPhc (RPSGB at the time) and they said they cant do anything about it.

    This is many years ago however if I can provide supporting evidences is there any action I can take. Is there anyone who can look into the matter. Its related to education, training contracts, professional disputes, negligence.
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    I should not have to ask you this - How many years ago did this occur?


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      in 2005-6


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        "Is there anyone who can look into the matter. Its related to education, training contracts, professional disputes, negligence"

        With respect, you would have to be much more accurate than that. Who do you believe was negligent, and why, and when, for example?
        Last edited by efpom; 27th September 2019, 00:31:AM.


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          yes i didnt want to plaster all my case details over the internet.. i wanted to know if there is anyone that can take up ths kind of case


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            Understandable, but makes it difficult to provide any sensible advice. Have you considered asking a solicitor for advice?

            I am guessing, but it seems that whilst studying to be a pharmacist, you failed a part of the training element. I assume that you appealed that assessment and that appeal was rejected. This happened during the academic year 2005-2006. If that is right, I think that you do not have any right of legal action against whatever entity that decided not to let you pass. If I am wrong about that, in any event you cannot bring a claim in tort or contract because of the Limitation Act.
            Last edited by efpom; 28th September 2019, 04:45:AM.


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              why is there a time limit on justice?

              When the victims of Mr Weinstein, Mr Harris and Mr Saville came forward to get justice for the abuse they suffered they werent told sorry that was too long ago we ant do anything about it


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                The difference is between criminal law and civil law.


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