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County court hearing

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  • County court hearing

    Can someone please clarify what this order iinstructing me by why of Skelton outline. By 11th of january by 4pm 2019. I need to know what to write.

    THe parties shall exchange statements outlining in a numbered schedule each individual item noted in the schedule to the claiments amended particulars of claim.

    the claim is for personal effects .which is listed . I am unsure what i need to write.
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    Didn't you already do this after the previous order from the court ?

    Basically, I think that the court wants something like the below, with the items you have included in the claim.

    The other side should do similar - normally it would be a case of you fill in your side and then there's space for the other side to complete their argument against, but as it's exchange on the same date I'd guess he wants a full breakdown - once done you need to send a copy to the defendant and to the court.

    Have you got a copy of the schedule you already entered ? You should do this in the same order as that schedule.

    In the [Northampton County Court Business Centre]
    Claim No: [XXXXX]
    [Claimants Name]
    [Defendants Name]

    Claimant’s Value Estimate
    Details of Ownership
    1 Double Bed ( Pine frame with mattress ) £150 The Claimant purchased the bed on xx/xx/xxxx for £xxx and stored it at the Defendants property.
    2 Television ( Hitachi 54" ) £300 The Television was given by the Defendant to the Claimant for Christmas Gift in 2016
    3 Microscope XV65 Morpeth £1,000 The Microscope was purchased by the Claimant for use in her work at xxx
    Statement of Truth

    The Claimant believes that the facts stated in this Schedule of Items are true.

    Signed ________________________________

    Dated ________________________________
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      Good day i have tried to find this form above can anyone tell.me please were to get it from as i can not see a document form number to use i must have this completed by the 10th of january 2019 to file on time at court. Thanks


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