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sole trader badgering me

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  • sole trader badgering me

    I booked some work to be done which takes approx 2 hours.
    I gave the tradesman the night before notice to say I wont be there.

    Now this tradesperson is saying he will pursue me for damages (cost of the work)

    Can he do this?

    I read on a website where it said: Claiming damages if a customer cancels

    If a customer cancels a booking or leaves early when staying in accommodation, they are in breach of the booking contract they have with you. You may be entitled to claim damages for any losses you have suffered from the cancellation/curtailment. This applies regardless of whether you have cancellation/curtailment procedures as a booking condition.

    Some help would be appreceiated

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    He can pursue you for loss of profit


    • #3
      Thank you ostell

      I am assuming he would say he could not replace the work and therefore lost profit?

      I did not say anythign with him, he only told me verbally when making the booking to give him 24 hours notice if I need to cancel?

      How woudl he possibly pursue me though? Under what laws?



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        Simple contract


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          Originally posted by ostell View Post
          Simple contract
          what if i cant remember the fact he mentioned 24 hours notice?

          I would just explain to a judge that he didnt mention it?



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            He doesn't have to mention it, the contract existed and it's not unreasonable as he would have been unable to arrange other work.


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              Thank you very much Ostell.

              I am assuming it would come under breach of contract? Is it a law is comes under or simply he claims x for loss of income or someething?


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