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My war with the dwp nazi's

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  • My war with the dwp nazi's

    Hi. Its been a number of years since i last asked for advice. I was hoping someone is abit more clued up from a past experience that might be able to help..

    A few years ago i moved into my sisters address. Became her carer in august 2016. In October 2016 i was sanctioned 116 days. Despite being exempt from sanctions as i was a carer. It was found that another was fraudulently claiming carership of my sister. They refused to tell me there was a contestment till December and give the individual name.
    Now the dwp refused to hold the sanction and investigate. I had profs from friends, family and health workers.
    1 year later the sanction is overturned at tribunal and 3 months after that i was finally awarded carership through a long winded complaint.
    I damaged my health irrepribly, sold my property 10p to the pound, destroyed my credit rating and ended up homeless for my troubles.

    Now ive followed complain procedures to the osbudman. They as of 24th December have said the DWP acted within there procedures and i will recieve no compensation.

    The string of homlessness spanning the last 5 years from the debt accumulation and repeated sanctions has left me low. Each new address.. a new waiting list for diagnosis. I was finally diagnosed in the last year and now have protections in place and full PIP after a 3 year fight.

    I want to get compensation for damages from the dwp. I dont know on what grounds i could produce 1. I dont know the timeframe now to produce 1 now the Osbudman ruled in the dwp favour. I dont know what solicitors would work with me. I dont know my chances. Given my Disabilitys im unsure of any help that can be given.
    Any advice would be extreamly helpful.

    I refuse to accept that it was lawful to punish a carer for 116 days there failure to investigate. Despite the evidence presented in my defence. I also feel it was unlawful to continually sanction me when i explained my symptoms and how they affected me. Regardless of diagnosis at the time.

    Thankyou for your time.
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