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Cancelling my contract with CMC

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  • Cancelling my contract with CMC

    Apologies in advance for the length of post

    I tried myself a few years ago to get my compensation back for miss sold PPI with Barclays on a mortgage and loan but was told in writing they couldn't find any (I didn't have any paperwork).

    Earlier this year I had a cold call from HYC helpyourclaim and decided after much persuasion and thinking "I don't have anything to lose" filled out numerous forms. I filled out forms for every loan and mortgage etc I'd ever had although I told HYC there was no PPI ever sold on most of them. They said it didn't matter I should send them anyway.

    After a few weeks of them receiving all these forms I went online to check status to see a note saying waiting for customer(me) to get in touch (but I hadn't heard anything from them), so I tried to call them on their number online but after a recorded message saying they were putting me through the line went dead. I tried over several days to get through and just kept being cut-off. I then emailed to say I could get through and I wasn't happy and needed to speak to them and they called me.

    I asked what the status meant and they said the bank wanted more info as couldn't locate me, I said I don't have anymore information to give and they said we'll try to contact the banks again??

    After a few more weeks passed HYC sent more paperwork to be filled out, I could only give the same information again and sent back.

    I did receive a letter from HYC saying no PPI on one of my mortgages and that they wouldn't be charging me which I already knew as no win no fee.

    I received yet more paperwork (looked same again) but put in bin and tried to call again, but yet again i couldn't get through on their main number.

    Emailed them to say I was very dissatisfied with their services wanted to end my contract with them and surprise i received a phone call from HYC saying they were waiting for Barclays to respond and didn't know why the line was dead!

    Then a few weeks later I received a letter from Barclays (I assumed it was because of HYC being in touch) saying they already confirmed I didn't have PPI in the original complaint I made personally a few years ago and again sent another copy of this letter from a few years ago saying the same. They put in their letter that I could contact the FO if I didn't agree.

    HYC didn't get in touch so I assumed they weren't aware of this outcome and that Barclays hadn't informed them.
    I decided to get in touch with the financial ombudsman and they said they would look into this on my behalf. I received several phones and had to fill out forms then received a phone call from the FO saying that my mortgage was with a broker so couldn't help but said Barclays agreed there was some PPI with my loan and would uphold my original claim. I would hear from Barclays when they had done their calculations.

    I still hadn't heard nothing from HYC about my cancellation which didn't surprise me. I decided to try to get in touch again with HYC regarding my cancellation as I requested this way before I received the letter from Barclays and pursued it with the FO. I thought they'll never cancel now Barclays upholding my original claim.

    I found an old text message from helpyourclaim with an 0161 number so called this and got an abrupt hello wasn't expecting an external call at all. The lady did say she could see my account and that they were waiting for a response from Barclays but I said that's not why I was calling as I didn't want to be with their company anymore but no confirmation?

    She decided to put me through to a manager who said again they were still waiting for Barclays but good news that yorkshire bank had acknowledged their paperwork (another loan they were looking into to). I told him I wanted to terminate my agreement as per my 2/3 previous emails and numerous attempts to call but no answer to my emails? I asked him what I had to do as I wasn't happy with them at all he said all I had to do was just write a letter saying I wished to cancel my authorisation, I asked what happens then and he said they would remove me from their database and he also told me to put that I wanted confirmation of this action either by letter or email. I did this and sent by signed post and I have confirmation that HYC have received it. This letter was sent after I found out that Barclays are going to pay something (not sure how much as loan was consolidated), but I have proof via email that I asked to leave before I knew.

    I also checked with Barclays and they informed that there isn't any CMC authority with this claim so not sure what HYC have been doing?
    Sorry it's so long winded!!

    My question is due to the fact that I asked HYC to cancel our contract before I pursued Barclays and FO myself do I have to pay them their 30% + vat? They obviously only know Barclays sent me a letter saying no PPI on mortgage because I told them and i don't think they know anything yet about Barclays calculating what I am owed on my loans and Barclays have confirmed they do not have any CMC registered on this claims to contact?
    I am not trying to be greedy at all but just wanted to know where I stand legally? I just wish I hadn't signed any forms in the first instance.
    Many thanks for reading
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    Re: Cancelling my contract with CMC

    My question is due to the fact that I asked HYC to cancel our contract before I pursued Barclays and FO myself do I have to pay them their 30% + vat?
    I think that you have a good argument that you cancelled the contract by e-mail prior to pusuing the claim yourself. From what you say it doesn't look like HYC actually made a claim to Barclays in any event, rather they only got as far as asking Barclays if you had PPI, so you could argue that they can't charge a success fee in respect of it.

    I wouldn't worry too much. If they do attempt to charge you let us know and we'll help you draft a formal complaint which if rejected you can take to the Legal Ombudsman.

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      Re: Cancelling my contract with CMC

      Thank you so much for responding and your offer to help it is very much appreciated. I will let you know what happens.


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