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I need help please with ppi claim done apparently on my behalf by Ingenious Legal

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  • I need help please with ppi claim done apparently on my behalf by Ingenious Legal

    Hi ,I had an invoice email (out of the blue )from Ingenious Legal demanding payment in 7 xays .The company has done ppi claim last year 2020, apparently on my behalf. However I do not have any recollection of instructing them to do so. I have not have any correspondence with this company until this email with the invoice.The day before the email with the invoice I have noticed they have sent a news letter- very wierd .I have seen many complaints of people clcking on Ingenious Legal page via Facebook and getting into a contract without clients clear knowledge. I fear this might have happend to me as was exploring my options for ppi claim. However I do not recall to have signed any agreement . I have not had any letters or emails from this company explaining terms or conditions or giving me cooling period of 14 days.I have not signed any forms. No correspondence at all. I wonder how this solisitors company is allowed to do this legally in UK and get away with it.
    I have emailed Ingenious Legal to provide me with prouf of signature and agreement.
    My PPI claim was received in June / 2020 nearly a year ago.So I wonder why suddenly now I receive an invoice from this Ingenious Legal company...Surely if they have acted on my behalf they would have had that infirmation then and inform me accordingly. What kind of modern scam is this?
    I have no single email or letter informing me that I am in contract with this company or the process of ppi claim.
    Please advise me what should I do?
    It bothers me this 7 day period ,they seem to demand payment to happen very quickly.
    I am planning to speak to my bank to check who has instructed them about the PPI claim. As far as I know when the bank payed the money into my account I had a letter only from my bank.
    Please let me know if anyone is in similar situation and what could be done?
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