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Problems with Provident Personal Credit

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  • Problems with Provident Personal Credit

    I took out 2 loans with Provident.

    I opened 1 account back in October 2019, then another one not long after.

    On the 1st May 2020, I telephone Provident and asked for a full and final settlement figure.

    I was quoted on the day 844 and to which I agreed to pay.

    I was then told account was closed, and a letter would be sent to me within 10 working days.

    On the 8th May, I had a text from my Agent to say there was still a balance of around 400 showing on my account.

    She said looking through it there was clearly a massive cock up on Provident's part.

    I telephoned Provident on the 11th May, put in a formal complaint to their complaints department.

    I telephoned them yesterday, and was told it would take an amazing 28 days to investigate!!

    I then sent a scathing email to the big boss at Provident asking for help ad vice and to get this matter resolved much quicker.

    Can anyone please advise what else can I do to get Provident to sort this mess out, I don't want it affecting my credit rating, and also I don't want further interest added onto the debt.
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    I thought provident loans were pre-loaded with interest.. no more interest is applied. however they do effect your credit file if you default..
    Id recommend you continue making the weekly payments until its resolved..


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      Provident performs credit checks on all customers during the initial online application. If your credit score is too low you will be unsuccessful in your loan application. There are other money leaders with good loans. I have found on the internet this site easycashloans.co.za. There is some information about credits. I see that these guys are for more than 12 years on the market. I guess that they have a big experience and I can trust them. I tried them and I took an online personal cash loans with a small interest rate. Now I am happy because they are really the best because they gave me the best terms which others couldn't give.
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        There has never been a situation like this for me. This is an illegal action by the creditor, according to me. If you want to know more about this area, you should consult an expert.

        maybe this company moneystar.co.za will answer your question.

        In the past year, I took a title loan with this company and they provided me with guidance on every aspect of the process that interested me. Your problem should be discussed with them. Contact information can be found on their website


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