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    Hi everyone. I got in a bit of a mess around 2013 woth pay day loans and have worked hard to pay everything back and work on my credit file the last few years. I got invited to the money shop payday loan scheme and have found out I still owe them 466 from 2013! The default is recorded as December 2013 so will come off my file next month but what do I do with this unpaid debt? They have never chased me and I only found it going through all my different credit files as they are all different with different agencies
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    Is this classed as statute barred as its over 6 years since I made a payment?


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      Sorry when you say responded to moneyshop payment scheme .. it makes clear does not affect status of loan so if status barred would remain they do not debt collect on basis of it their decisions are not due until circa end of 2029 Did you register on moneyshop portal? If statues barred and DCA chasing respond without acknowledging debt or you that they are contacting addressee email for loan* over six years old since last acknowledgment and to stop*


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        The scheme for affordability refunds. They have contacted me over that as they think I am due a refund but have not chased this old debt I thought was paid. Im just unsure what to do as the company has gone bust


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          My rubbish phone clarification that is moneyshop portal decision circa end of 2020 not 2029* and they do not debt collect on back of it so very odd ...* also respond to DCA if relavent not saying it is you but saying contacting statued barred debt and to stop using your contact details etc*


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            Register on moneyshop portal no harm done and it may stress may be written off or if rolled over due small refund no harm done as per their t and C's on portal good luck stop worrying* if you seek more advise on this debt camel website has lots and seems to be approved by legal beagals while not endorassing*


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              Does anyone know how far back Moneyshop and Affiliated companies are looking at ?


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