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Open /closed accs on credit report

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  • Open /closed accs on credit report

    I've been checking my credit report as it's in a terrible state, but it's all debt from 6 years ago. I know about statute barred debts and how to challenge them, but I'm not sure about what I'm seeing here.

    The original debts have been sold to dca's and although no payments have been made, nor acknowledgements, the dca's have the accounts marked as open. Surely this means they'll never fall off my report? Two of them have a ccj, both opened in 2018 (one of which I pay off monthly, one that I've never acknowledged), but the rest have been ignored, yet still show as open accounts.

    I was an addict for 20+ years but have been clean for 6.5years, and my spending habits were what got me in this mess - I'm not proud of my past and most of these debts I genuinely don't recall.​​​​​I've since married and have my own business, and I was hoping that once these fell off, I could start to think about a mortgage. I'm not getting any younger, so I was hoping this year and certainly next would see a vast improvement in my finances.

    Is this right? I'm worried that if I contact them just before they are statute barred that I'll make it worse.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Just giving this a bump. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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      As I understand it (and Iím waiting for clarification in my own situation) the 6 years runs from the date on which the company served a default notice, this can often be incorrectly recorded, it seems.

      in the case of the CCJ, I think the the 6 years runs from judgement date, assuming it remains unpaid and not acknowledged.

      Your credit rating will unfortunately be impacted significantly by the CCJ which youíre paying off, up until itís completely satisfied.

      Hope that helps, and if Iím incorrect, someone with more knowledge will hopefully clarify or further adviseÖ


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        I'm still wondering about this, as I check my report often and Cabot have opened an account which shows on my credit report, with a default date of August 2019. I haven't opened any credit accounts for years, so how has this appeared? If the default date shows as 2019, it'll be showing til 2025. All my original debts, bar this Cabot one, are stature barred and I'm waiting for them to fall off.

        I presume there's not much I can do about it without acknowledging the debt, and I'd like to try and wait out til my ccj's fall off next April. I've never paid them and the 3 of them are 5 years old.

        Can Cabot create an account that shows on your report like this? I'd love some input please.


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          **Admin** Is there a different section I should be posting in to get some help? I appreciate there are a lot of folk needing help but I did post this in April - I've only had one response (thank you), but it wasn't relevant to by situation.


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            Originally posted by Leighmh View Post
            **Admin** Is there a different section I should be posting in to get some help? I appreciate there are a lot of folk needing help but I did post this in April - I've only had one response (thank you), but it wasn't relevant to by situation.

            Is your concern that the accounts are still listed as open rather than closed or are the creditors continuing to report to credit agencies on a monthly basis as well?

            If one has obtained a CCJ then it would be implied that the account would have been closed down at some point, following any default notice being issued to you and as such those open accounts should have been closed. Failing to take action on that would be a breach of data protection by failing to ensure that the data being reported is accurate and up to date.

            Are you confident the accounts you are not paying for or acknowledged are now statute barred?
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              Hi and sorry for the late reply.

              I'm sure that all debts are stature barred, bar of course the ccj's that are never barred. They fall off in around 10 months time.

              No, my concern is that it looks like DCA's have bought some debts, that would have been defaulted in 2017, and these accounts are showing as 'open accounts' with default dates in 2019. Is that allowed? These debts would have been falling off in the next couple of months, but now look to remain until 2025 based on the new default dates they registered.

              My question about ccj's was how likely are courts to enforce after 5 years of zero payments.

              Thanks again.


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                Hi - any further advise on my queries please?


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