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help with hoist response

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  • help with hoist response

    Some past debt has cropped up. Hoist wrote to me along with their buddies resolve call..

    2 different debts are with hoist. both of those i sent sb letters. unfortunately i didnt realise i should have issued prove it letters first..

    one def is sb, the other i wasnt certain as has been a while. its also the biggest debt, 13k. (loan was orginally for 8k, rest is charges added)

    this other, larger debt, defaulted i think 2010, not sure exactly when it dropped of my credit file, from 2016/17 on for that .

    ive included main text of the letter they sent me back in response. (image of it too big)

    i remember at some point i set up a plan, but i dont think it ever paid out, i remember getting a letter but cant recall if it was from dca or bank. i had thought it was before 2015 but seems not. Anyway, this payment they say i made, i cant find anything on either of my 2 accts, ive looked through and called them up to ask about it.
    initially when it defaulted i set up a plan through payplan, then stopped paying a while after, there was then another that i set up but online myself, cant remember name of company or when i stopped paying that one, it may have been 2011, so there were few years between then and this alleged payment. might be 6yrs, might not be.
    sorry for rambling, hope im making sense. basically, what do i do from here, unsure how to proceed, seeing as ive got the order wrong re template letters.

    main text from letter:

    "Thank you for your recent contact, the contents of which have been noted.
    We can confirm that the last payment on the account was on the 24th january 2017, therefore, by paying you have admitted liability over the account.

    Please be advised this account is not statute barred.

    Please completed the enclosed financial statement along with an offer of repayment in order for us to update your account accordingly.

    We can also confirm that we have held your account for 30 days to allow you time to provide an update. Please be advised that if no update is provided by the end of this period of time then we will resume collection activity."
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    Hi Peppapig

    I think you need more information on both accounts, send Hoist:

    a) SAR for both accounts, they have 30 days to provide all the data on the accounts. Get Proof of Postage.


    b) Send CCA for both accounts. Get Proof of Postage.


    See where you are once you have that information.


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      Sorry i dont think i was very clear, when i say i checked my accts i mean my bank accts. I have 2, 2 diff banks. Opened around same time and one while its open its not used anymore. I had went through my current acct online and spoke with both bank customer services about it. No sign of any such payment.

      The other sb debt ive had no response from hoist as yet, i expect i wont when they would have recieved both letters at once. only this larger one they are interested in. Can they issue a claim if ive sent above letters you suggested?


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        Could you of made payment by credit card or other payment method?

        Send both banks a SAR, they will provide all the data (you can double check)


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          No I remember setting up a plan, I think a dd. So should sent the banks the SAR or hoist? Is there any point requesting CCA? I posted about this on mse but traffic slow so came on here, in the replies I did get it was mentioned that as I sent SB letter before the prove it one I have effectively admitted the debt. Can DCA issue a claim while im waiting for the info requested?


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            You aren't sure about the facts.
            Send a SAR to the bank and Hoist requesting information.
            Send a CCA request to Hoist, remember to get Proof of Postage.
            The DCA could issue a claim, but deal with it when and if it happens.


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              Okies, thanks so much for your help. I received a reply this morning re the other acct with hoist, they have confirmed it is SB and closing that acct on their files.


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                Originally posted by peppapig View Post
                Okies, thanks so much for your help. I received a reply this morning re the other acct with hoist, they have confirmed it is SB and closing that acct on their files.
                That's good news.


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