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Idem servicing

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  • Idem servicing

    Hi guys just giving an update on my self managed DMP progress. (With lots of help from LB)

    Sent all letters out with monthly income figures on spreadsheet and offer of monthly payments, did all this with help from Nedcab.cabmoney.org.uk It's a great free website provided by CAB.

    I Have nine different debts with various companies, some have been great with the situation I am in, others not too good. I have be communicating by letters only and have not wanted to be speaking to the collection agency's for a few reasons but the main one is want everything in writing and not by oral agreement.

    As I have mentioned most have been good/ok
    but I am having problems with Idem servicing.

    when I found out about...... 😡The name of which makes me angry, leaving us all with the same debts with years of payments,
    I sent all companies I have debts with an offer of payment to which 😡😡 compass was paying. (Token payment) until I sorted the monthly finance balances.
    Once I sorted out monthly figures I sent that off with a lot higher figure of payment and gave a date of when I will be paying.
    All I get back off Idem is I need to ring them or it may instigate court proceedings..

    Has as anybody had any dealings with Idem?
    I'm thinking I might have to ring them and sort it out but everyone else has been ok with monthly figure sheet and proposed payment.
    I can't even go on there website to make payment as you need a login you can only get when speaking to them 😏 So do I bite the bullet and ring or keep sending letters of offers for payments

    Thanks jason
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    Re: Idem servicing

    You could write for your CCA, and a statement of account. This will show you are serious. They can't start legal proceedings without this, provided it's a credit debt and not a service debt. You could write and suggest you have no telephone since you were so far in debt you can't afford one.after all there is no law requiring you to have one.


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      Re: Idem servicing

      Always best to keep everything in writing & get proof of postage.

      This is only my opinion - "Opinions are made to be changed --or how is truth to be got at?" (Byron)

      You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.
      Cohen, Herb

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      gets his brain a-going.
      Phelps, C. C.

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        Re: Idem servicing

        Interestingly moorgateloan servicing is one of my compass payees, and they have not thus far responded to my letters. Moorgateloan servicing is a trading name of paragon finance, whom own idem servicing....


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          Re: Idem servicing

          I have had massive problems with Idem for the last 5-7years!. It all stems from Picture Loans miss selling me a loan which included a ppi which we was forced to have to obtain the loan.

          With a solicitor we had arrived at an agreement with Picture Loans, I was just waiting for the agreement in writing when unbeknown to me or anyone else after six months I requested my solicitor to contact them to find out what was happening as they hadn't heard anything either that was when we encountered Idem.

          We had received no information from them or Picture Loans that they had obtained the Picture Loans loan, when requested them to honour the agreement we had made with picture loans they refused and I have been arguing with them since then, this has now included the Ombudsman whom they seem to ignore .

          Thus a resolved debt of 7K has now reached the heights of 157,477K quite amazing! and it's only just recently we now have the interest rate., this was a pluck out of the air before as an accountant could not work out what they were charging.

          The fight will continue.


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            Re: Idem servicing

            You had a 7k loan which has risen to 157k with interest and charges ?

            We may not win by protesting, but if we don't protest we will lose. If we stand up to them, there is always a chance we will win.
            Hetty Bower

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              Re: Idem servicing

              what was the Ombudsman's decision?


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                Re: Idem servicing

                Originally posted by Debt Camel View Post
                what was the Ombudsman's decision?
                this is still on going, the ombudsmen has apologised for the length of time.
                We have discovered that picture loans was part of Capital One.


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