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CCJ question HSBC credit card

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  • CCJ question HSBC credit card

    Hi all.
    sadly I had to arrange a DMP about 3 years ago due to the breakup of my marriage. I started one with Stepchange and have paid every payment for the last 3 years.

    I owe I think about £40k across all debts and am paying £275 which is obviously split between each creditor. I am hoping to increase this significantly soon as a I have just qualified as an IFA.

    one thing I am a little worried about is in my new contract it states if I get a CCJ I will lose my jobÖ

    recently stepchange contacted HSBC and all
    the creditors to say after a budget assessment I was able to increase my payments (was paying £250) but HSBC have come back and said they are not looking after my debt now and it has gone from my online banking and they gave me the number for the new department which inwas
    told was the insolvency department.

    now Iím extremely worried now because if they issue me with a CCJ then I wonít have a job to pay them anythingÖ Iím also a bit surprised that after 3 years they have only just marked it as a default on my account which has screwed me being able to get a remortgage to repay all the debt as it is so recent.

    itís possible I could maybe pay the amount as itís about £1500 and I could ask my employer to advance me the money however if they do this and I repay that then they may well do the same for the £30k loan which I am obviously in no position to repay that which is still
    showing as in arrears after 3 years I.e still no default on that!

    is it likely that HSBC will issue a CCJ bearing in mind I have been making the payments to Stepchange? At the moment they havenít even told me where to send the payments for the credit card (there fault) so I am not even making any repayments on it.

    this has got me pretty worried tbh.

    any advice would be very helpful.

    thank you

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