Iím hoping someone will be able to advise me. I had a number of loans, credit cards etc that I couldnít pay following my husband losing his job in 2014.

We entered a DMP in September 2014 and have paid back everything we owed. All accounts are closed with zero outstanding balance. Some of the accounts were defaulted straight away due to the reduced payments being made and they were sold to other companies,

The defaults were showing on my credit file for 6 years and have now all been removed. However, MBNA have married my account as missed payments for two months, then a large gap of no data (Iím assuming this was due to the arrears coming down) and then missed payments again for around 10 months from September 2017. (Again because the account was still in arrears).
We were on the DMP the whole time so I canít understand why they didnít default us in the beginning. They have refused to add a default saying that because the payments were enough to bring the account out of arrears some of the time.

This means that I have an account showing a large amount of missed payments from 2014 to 2017 on my account and this will not be removed for 6 years from 2019 when the account was closed.
If I had paid nothing in 2014 for 6 months and then made payments the account would have defaulted and be off my credit record now.

My question/concern is should I now take this to the FOS and say that this unfair and default should have been added or is it better to leave it as it with my credit record reflecting missed payments 30 months ago.
My other concern is that they may say add the default from 2017 which mean a default on my account for a further three years, which Iím assuming is even worse than missed payments.

Im now divorced due to the stress of it all, I want to get on with my life and get a new mortgage. If Credit Karma is accurate my score is 604, which is showing as good.

Andy guidance nor suggestions is appreciated. Thank you in advance.