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Yorkshire energy debt- Barrett brown debt collectors

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  • Yorkshire energy debt- Barrett brown debt collectors

    I've just found 2 emails from barrett brown regarding an outstanding yorkshire energy bill.
    firstly they are saying the 1600 i owe were actual readings and they are not sending me the readings to see if i can find actual figures when i changed suppliers.
    they said they would half it to 800 but I had to pay it in full, which I can't.
    I told them a couple of months ago that my husband has terminal cancer and we have lost both wages through his illness and I could offer 1 a month but they said this was not acceptable and I heard no more until I've just looked at my spam folder and found 2 emails telling me despite them contacting me i haven't paid and it will go to court if I don't pay within 7 days.
    I know electric etc is priority debt but where do I stand if I can't pay it in full or a repayment that they think is acceptable?
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    Firstly don't panic.

    a) Send all energy suppliers a SAR request, they have 30 days to provide all the data on the accounts for a 6 year period. From the data you will be able to see what is what.


    b) Send Yorkshire the following template, just amend it to suit your circumstances, make sure you get Proof of Postage. Send an income and expenditure form with a letter. Remember a Court will only ever ask you to pay what you can afford, if that is 1, so be it.



    Update the thread with what Yorkshire say.


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      Thankyou, do I send barrett brown a sar too? Will this stop them from applying to court within the 7 days.
      they only ever email, they haven't sent any letters via post from them.


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        No need to send Barrett Brown a SAR.
        Yes, it should as you are communicating with them.
        Email the letter to them.
        Make sure you get confirmation they have received it.


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          I sent a sar to both Yorkshire energy and also barrett brown back in June, heard nothing from either, then today I received a letter containing the sar I'd sent to yorkshire energy and a letter from royal mail to say no one at that address and no forwarding addresses to send to, then this afternoon received email from barrett brown threatening legal action in 7 days if i dont pay.
          so obviously yorkshire energy have no trading address etc and barrett brown have chosen to ignore the sar and emails I sent regarding my situation and ability to pay a small amount a month.
          what are my options now?


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            What does the SAR information say?

            'today I received a letter containing the sar I'd sent to yorkshire energy'

            Email the following template (with Income and Expenditure sheet), you need to amend the information on it to reflect your situation, email it to Barrett Brown -


            What you could do is fill in an Income and Expenditure form, fill it in, take into consideration the cost of living, if you are left with 1, so be it, a Court will only ask you to pay what you could offer. Send / email that to Barrett and Brown, tell them that will be on the 800. You should be able to save it and send it as a PDF.



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              Ok thankyou, I just sent the sar template from here but as yorkshire energy are now in administration there's no address for them, so it hasn't been read by them.
              barrett brown don't acknowledge any of my emails.


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                Send the SAR to Scottish Power, they have taken over the accounts. They will have the information.

                Lodge a complaint with Barrett Smith Brown.

                But do the things in post 6.


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