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Arrow Global, default please help

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  • Arrow Global, default please help

    Afternoon people, thanks in advance for any help regarding this.

    so arrow global… this has been going on for years, passed between DCA to DCA, NCO Europe are in here as wall but I think they’re affiliated somehow. Long story short I was in the military at a young age and got into tons of debt, struggled to pay it and eventually got an IVA and paid it all off. Learnt my lesson and paid for everything outright for many many years.

    fast forward ten years I need a mortgage to buy my mum a bungalow as she’s struggling to walk, I can’t get a decent one as I’ve had zero credit for decades so my score is in the toilet. I get a high interest mortgage so I can build up my score and remortgage after two years

    Arrow global are still chasing this debt and I keep replying to send proof of debt, nothing arrives. All of a sudden I get a threatening letter saying if I don’t pay up they’ll issue a default on my credit record. I send them yet another email to their complaints (I have all these recorded with their responses of we’ll investigate but zero resolution) stating that once again I’ve not received any proof of debt which they have to provide by law and to stop harassing me until they do so.

    I hear nothing back, no acknowledgment or anything… I figured they’d got the message and I wasn’t being bullied into paying something they can’t prove I owe. Only for two months later a default has appeared on my account and the score I have spent nearly two years building up so I could remortgage and have it more affordable plummet back down.

    im absolutely fuming and sickened this can happen so easily and screw someone over with no real way to fight back? Is there anything I can do? I’ve raised a case with the financial ombudsman but I’m lost as to what else I can do, they just seem to be a law unto their selves these DCA’s! Please help, anything would be appreciated
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    Anyone? Any help at all?


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      CCA Request send with £1.00 postal order send with proof posting ( if this is a credit agreement alledged debt) keep copies of all.

      ​​​​​​ Subject Access Request Letter to originator of the alledged debt (No Charge) send and get proof of posting, keep copy of everything you get/send.


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        give details as to what it refers to who originator and type debt etc etc. last paid/default date etc etc


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          Hi mate I’ve already done this, like I said they sent me a tiny statement and that was it. Now they’ve filed a default and are saying the matter is closed… I’m at a loss what to do


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            Full dsar they have to give copy all held on you. Failure then a complaint to ico #

            ​​​​​​ Make a complaint | ICO

            https://ico.org.uk › make-a-complaint
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